IMPORTANT:   Solar 4 RVs testing indicates controllers are not MPPT as displayed on the unit

These controller were imported on the basis that they were MPPT controllers as indicated on the top of the unit.  Phil has conducted testing on these Chinese controller and he is not confident that they are actually MPPT.  We have therefore removed reference in our website to them as being MPPT and inform potential customers that they appear to be Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) controllers. 

Our customers report they are working very well but as always we ensure that we are ethical and honest in our advice and sales.


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The 12V or 24V, 3-stage battery charge function provides:

  • Bulk charge at the maximum current from that available from the PV panel (up to the rated current of the Controller) until the battery reaches the set voltage of 14.6V;
  • Topping charge at 14.6V for 1 hour;
  • Float charge at 13.8V.

Load output can be optionally used.  Switch control can be manual or automatic with overload protection.


  • IP68 rated enclosure (dust and water proof);
  • Aluminium case is resilient to corrosion and suited for use in outdoor environments;
  • Automatic identification of 12V and 24V battery voltage;
  • LED status indicators, single button control of the output load relay and digital load relay mode display makes operation simple and convenient;
  • Load output can be controlled manually or automatically via light operation with various ON periods;
  • Load Mode settings are stored. No need for repeated setting after power disconnection;
  • External temperature sensor provides adjustment of charging voltage versus temperature;
  • Protection against over-charge, over-discharge and overload, protection against short circuit and reverse connection;
  • Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) Lightning protection.


Made in China

​Warranty: 12 months

 Waterproof Solar Charge controller/Regulators

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These Waterproof controller/Regulators manufactured in China provide a value for money options for the budget conscious.buyer.  They are available in two capacities:

  1. 120W (10amp); and 
  2. 240W (20Amp).  

Note: When sold individually, these do not come with cable connections described in the portable panel packs.

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