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Top-Brand APR/ATC/ATO/ATS Blade Fuse & Holders

Discover our wide array of APR/ATC/ATO/ATS Blade Fuses and Holders from reputable brands such as Exotronic, Blue Sea, and Victron Energy. These top-notch fuses and holders are designed for diverse applications, including automotive, trucks, and 12V or 24V systems, ensuring optimal circuit protection.

APR/ATC/ATO/ATS Blade Fuses: Variety of Sizes for Varied Needs

From 1A to 40A, we offer a comprehensive range of APR/ATC/ATO/ATS Blade Fuses to suit your specific requirements. Regardless of your application, you can trust these fuses to provide excellent protection against overcurrent and short circuits, thereby ensuring the safety and efficiency of your electrical systems.

Quality Fuse Holders for Optimal Protection

Our selection of fuse holders, including the in-line waterproof variants made from tinned copper for marine-grade protection, and the Blue Sea and Exotronic 12 blade fuse blocks with negative bus bars, are designed to provide secure housing for your fuses. These high-quality holders ensure that your fuses remain firmly in place and perform their critical function effectively.

Invest in Trusted Brands for Reliable Performance

By choosing APR/ATC/ATO/ATS Blade Fuses and Holders from Exotronic, Blue Sea, or Victron Energy, you're investing in trusted brands known for their commitment to quality, safety, and reliability. These fuses and holders are designed to meet the demands of various applications, offering you peace of mind and superior performance.