Defence vehicles and equipment

Author: Defence vehicles and equipment  

Land and water based vehicles and military equipment have control systems that require the use of stored energy systems. Unobtrusive, low-profile and robust solar panels can provide a way of charging vehicle and equipment battery systems to support navigation and communications equipment, and can mitigate the use of noisy generators and the electricity grid.

Applications include:

  • Assault vehicles
  • Ambulance vehicles
  • Cargo trucks
  • Armoured Vehicles
  • Personnel carriers
  • Surveillance and Reconnaissance Vehicles 
  • All terrain vehicles
  • Cargo cranes
  • Marine support vessels
  • Marine patrol vessels
  • Marine Evacuation Systems
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
  • Unmanned Aircraft System
  • Robotic targets


Solar 4 RVs founder and co-owner Phil Chapallaz has extensive experience in the defence industry through his career at BAE systems where he was involved in the system design and engineering management on a range of defence and commercial projects including unmanned aerial vehicles, exercise mines and communications systems.

Phil was Project Manager for the JORN (Jindalee Over-the-horizen Radar Network) Project and Integration Manager for the Australian Navy Landing Helicopter Dock (LHD) Project which provided the largest vessels ever operated by the Royal Australian Navy to upgrade the navy's amphibious fleet.  Read Phil's biography here.


Military vehicles benefit from solar      solar power for military vehicles     military land and sea equipment can be powered with solar