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Ensure the safety of your electrical systems with our extensive selection of Fuses and Fuse Holders. We offer products that cater to various needs, from automotive to marine applications, all designed for optimal durability and performance.

Extensive Selection of Fuses

Our range includes ATO/ATC Standard Blade Fuses, MRBF Terminal Fuses (Marine Rated Battery Fuse), Class T/JLLN, Midi, Maxi, Mega/AMG, and ANL. With current ratings from 1A to 600A, we cater to various electrical requirements, including 12V, 24V, and 48V systems.

Automotive Fuses for Reliable Protection

For automotive needs, our ATO/ATC Standard Blade Fuses, Midi, Maxi, and Mega/AMG fuses offer excellent protection. Whether you are looking for a car fuse or a fuse for another type of vehicle, you can find what you need in our range.

High-Quality Fuse Blocks

We provide 6 and 12 Blade Fuse Blocks for the organization and protection of your fuses. Our Fuse Blocks ensure the longevity and reliability of your electrical installations, whether they are for automotive, marine, or other applications.

Waterproof Fuse Solutions

In need of a waterproof solution? We offer waterproof fuses and fuse holders to ensure reliable performance, even in challenging environmental conditions.

Top Brands for Superior Performance

We stock products from leading brands such as Victron, Blue Sea, and Exotronic, ensuring top-notch quality and performance. These brands offer reliable and efficient protection for your electrical systems.

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What is a Midi Fuse?

A Midi fuse is a type of compact, high-capacity fuse that is often used in automotive and marine applications. They are designed to handle heavy electrical loads and are typically bolt-down style fuses for secure installation. Midi fuses can handle currents ranging from 23 to 200 amps.

What is a Mega Fuse?

Mega fuses are heavy-duty fuses designed to handle very high currents, typically between 40 and 500 amps. They are generally larger than Midi fuses and are often used in battery and alternator circuits in vehicles and boats, battery systems, as well as in off-grid renewable energy systems.

What is an ANL Fuse?

ANL (Ampere Normal Link) fuses are another type of bolt-down style fuses commonly used in automotive and marine applications. ANL fuses are typically used in applications requiring high current flow, and their amp ratings range from 40 to 600 amps. They offer reliable performance and are often used in audio applications, as well as in power inverters and battery chargers and large battery systems.