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Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries for Caravan, 4x4/Off-road and Marine Use - Exotonic LiFePO4

Exotonic LiFePO4 batteries are the perfect solution for powering your caravan, 4x4/off-road vehicle, or marine vessel. These lithium deep cycle batteries offer a range of features that make them reliable and efficient.

Exotonic LiFePO4 batteries are designed with prismatic cells, which provide a more stable and efficient power source compared to traditional lead-acid batteries. They also have an active balancer to ensure the cells are always charged evenly, extending the lifespan of the battery.

These batteries are also designed to be highly durable and waterproof, with an IP66 rating. They can withstand harsh conditions and are an ideal choice for those who enjoy off-road adventures.

For marine use, Exotonic LiFePO4 batteries feature an audible alarm to alert you if the battery voltage drops too low, helping to prevent damage to your boat's electrical systems.

These batteries are designed with superior features, including:

  • Bluetooth connectivity for easy monitoring and control through your smartphone or tablet
  • Prismatic cells for better performance, longer life, and more consistent discharge rates
  • 100% usable capacity, ensuring you get the most out of your battery
  • 5-year warranty, providing peace of mind and long-term value
  • 100Ah and 200Ah available
  • Parallel and Series Capable

Choose Exotronic LiFePO4 batteries for the best in performance, safety, and longevity. Shop now at Solar 4 RVs.