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Buy High-Quality Inverters for Off-Grid Use

At Solar4RVs, we specialise in providing top-of-the-line inverters for your off-grid power needs. Our extensive range is perfect for use in caravans, 4x4s, and camping adventures. With options to suit a variety of power requirements, you're sure to find the perfect fit for your energy needs.

Victron Energy and Enerdrive Inverters

We proudly stock renowned brands like Victron Energy and Enerdrive, trusted by off-grid enthusiasts across Australia. These brands are known for their reliability, efficiency, and robust performance in all conditions.

Wide Range of Inverters for Sale

Whether you need a simple 12V inverter or an advanced inverter charger with MPPT, we have many inverters for sale that will meet and exceed your power needs. We carry 24V and 48V inverters too, all designed to output 230V AC 50Hz for compatibility with Australian appliances.

Perfect for Caravans and Camping

Optimise your caravan with a caravan inverter from our range, or prepare for your next camping trip with an off-grid inverter. These products are designed for the Australian outdoors, ensuring reliable power wherever your adventures take you.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters for Superior Power Quality

All inverters we offer at Solar4RVs are pure sine wave inverters. This means they deliver a smooth, high quality power output, closely mimicking the power supply you would find in your home. Pure sine wave inverters are essential for powering sensitive electronics and appliances, ensuring they operate efficiently and extend their lifespan. Experience the peace of mind and reliability that comes with our range of pure sine wave inverters.

Choose from Hard-Wired or Plug-In Inverters

Whether you prefer a hard-wired system or the flexibility of a plug-in inverter, we have you covered with many of each option.

Buy Inverters Here at Solar4RVs

For reliable off-grid power solutions, Solar4RVs is your one-stop-shop. Explore our range and buy inverters here to make your next outdoor adventure a truly energised experience.