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Welcome to our selection of the Victron EasySolar inverters, an all-in-one solar power solution meticulously designed for users seeking convenience, efficiency, and quality.

Why Choose EasySolar Inverters?

The Victron EasySolar serves as a comprehensive solar power solution that integrates multiple crucial elements for harnessing and managing solar power. This includes a top-tier MultiPlus inverter/charger, a SmartSolar MPPT solar charge controller, and on the EasySolar-II GX, a Venus GX type device with a functional 2 x 16-character display.

Unparalleled Simplicity and Convenience

All components come prewired within a single unit. This compact design simplifies most installations, saving both time and money. The EasySolar-II GX is a testament to Victron Energy's commitment to providing user-friendly, efficient solar solutions.

Integrated Display and Wi-Fi Functionality

Effortlessly monitor your battery, inverter, and solar charge controller parameters via the in-built display. You can also access these parameters and adjust system settings via a smartphone or any Wi-Fi enabled device, offering unprecedented ease and control over your solar power system.

The Power of the GX Device

The integrated GX device further enhances system control and efficiency. Featuring a BMS-Can interface, USB port, Ethernet port, and a VE.Direct port, the GX device is your gateway to a streamlined and optimised solar power experience. It controls the MultiPlus-II and the SmartSolar MPPT, ensuring your system operates at peak efficiency at all times.

Experience the future of solar power with our Victron EasySolar-II GX Inverters. Designed with the tech-savvy and discerning user in mind, it's your one-stop solution for a seamless and effective solar installation.