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Explore Superior Inverters 1001-2000 Watt

Dive into our selection of 1001-2000W inverters, presenting top-notch offerings from renowned manufacturers such as Victron and Enerdrive. These inverters promise dependable power conversion suited to a diverse range of needs.

Victron Phoenix Smart Inverters, MultiPlus Inverter/Chargers 1001-2000VA

Get acquainted with the leading-edge features of Victron Inverters. Boasting a range of power capabilities, these inverters provide pure sine wave output to ensure peak performance.

Enerdrive ePower Pure Sine Wave Inverters 1001-2000W

Trust in the consistency of Enerdrive ePower Inverters, delivering pure sine wave output that guarantees efficient operation for your equipment. See their 2000W most popular model.

The Advantages of 1001-2000W Inverters

Inverters with 1001-2000W capacity are ideal for energizing medium to large devices and appliances. They strike an excellent equilibrium between power efficiency, dependability, and cost-effectiveness.

Applications of a 2000W Inverter

A 2000W inverter is a versatile power solution, capable of running a broad range of medium to large electrical devices. This can include kitchen appliances like most microwave ovens or small refrigerators, power tools such as small drill machines and circular saws, and entertainment systems including TVs and gaming consoles. Additionally, it can also power multiple smaller devices simultaneously, making it an ideal choice for RVs, boats, or off-grid homes requiring reliable, efficient power.  Just check your appliances specifications plate to make sure they do not exceed 2000W, and ideally use the 80% rule, i.e. 1600W maximum continuous load on a 2000W inverter in 25C temperature.