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Connectors: Robust, Secure, and Easy-to-Use Solutions

Our comprehensive selection of connectors ensures a secure and robust connection for your electrical devices. With 23 products in our catalog, we offer connectors that suit a variety of applications and needs.

Anderson Plugs

We stock a wide range of Anderson connectors, renowned for their superior electrical performance and durability. These include the popular Anderson SB120 and SB50 connectors, with optional dust covers for added protection. Whether you need a 50A, 120A, 175A, or 350A connector, we have a solution to fit your needs.

MC4 Connectors

Our MC4 connectors are a reliable choice for solar power applications, providing a secure and weatherproof connection. We offer both genuine Multicontact MC4 pairs and compatible variants, ensuring you find the perfect match for your solar panel setup. Additionally, we provide MC4 sealing/dust caps for additional protection against the elements.

Branch Connectors

If you need to connect multiple solar panels, our MC4 branch connectors are a great choice. They allow for the efficient wiring of several panels, ensuring optimal energy production. With '2 to 1', '3 to 1', and '4 to 1' options, you can create a solar setup that meets your specific requirements.

Anderson Grey, Red and Blue Connectors

Our Anderson grey, red and blue connectors, including the Genuine SB50 50A come with 6AWG (6B&S) contacts. Their design ensures a robust and secure connection, providing optimal power transfer for your devices.