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Lithium-Compatible Solar Charge Controllers - Essential for Your Lithium Battery Solar System

Our range of lithium-compatible solar charge controllers is specifically designed for lithium batteries, ensuring optimal charging and extending the battery life. Whether you are using a 12V lithium battery or a larger setup, we have the ideal solar charger for your needs.

We offer both MPPT and PWM solar charge controllers that are compatible with lithium batteries. These controllers ensure your solar panels work at their maximum efficiency, supplying the proper charging current and voltage for your lithium battery system.

Brands such as Victron, Votronic, Genasun are part of our selection, all known for their reliability and innovative technology. Make the most of your solar power system by using a solar charge controller designed specifically for lithium batteries.


  • Designed specifically for charging lithium batteries / LiFePO4 batteries
  • Includes MPPT and PWM models for optimal charging
  • Wide range of models available, suitable for various solar panel sizes and lithium battery banks
  • Available for different battery voltages, including 12V lithium batteries and even 24V, 36V annd 48 Volt.
  • Advanced electronic protections ensure safe and reliable operation
  • Popular brands such as Victron, Votronic, Genasun, and Enerdrive

Shop our selection of lithium compatible solar charge controllers today and experience the benefits of safe and efficient charging for your lithium battery system.