Advanced MPPT Solar Controllers made in the USA. Power + Efficiency + Reliability.

Founded in 2005 by a group of MIT engineers, Genasun sets the bar for mission-critical solar charge controllers and lithium battery systems.

With über high-end, off-grid solar charge components and advanced lithium battery systems, Genasun’s robust product line, made in the USA, has been deployed—and trusted—by scientific and military communities in all corners of the world.

Using sophisticated electrical design and software, Genasun engineered out all moving components so there are no fans to get clogged with dust and dirt, or relays that will eventually stop switching.

10.5A MPPT 12V for Lead-Acid Genasun Solar Charge Controller

10A 140W MPPT for Lead Acid batteries. Made in the USA


5A MPPT 12V for Lead Acid Genasun Solar Charge Controller with LVD

5A 65W MPPT for Lead Acid batteries. Made in the USA