German made electronic devices for mobile applications particularly RV and marine. Incudes solar charge controllers, battery monitors, battery protectors, tank level measurement and many more.

For nearly 30 years Votronic has been engaged in the development and manufacturing of electronic devices for mobile applications particularly Campers, caravans, Marine, off-road and emergency vehicles.  The German made products include Solar charge controller, battery management and protection, tank level measurement and much more. 

RRP $79.00

Votronic Battery Monitor

100, 200 or 400A - Includes heavy duty link

Votronic Battery Protector 100 - 3078

100A bi-stable relay for low voltage protection

RRP $199.00

Votronic Battery Protector 40 - 3075

40A bi-stable relay for low voltage protection

RRP $139.00

Votronic Bluetooth-Connector S-BC - App is German Language Only

Connects MPP, Shunt and Displays using the App

RRP $299.00

Votronic Data Extension Cable 5m (call for any other length)

RJ12 connectors, with 6-core modular cable

Votronic LCD-Thermometer / Clock S 1253

Unit combination of triple thermometer and crystal clock

RRP $149.00

Votronic LCD-Voltmeter S 1256

Clear and accurate voltage of house and start batteries

RRP $125.00


RRP $79.00

Votronic Tank Electrode 30-110 K-FL - 5551

Flexible cord probe, easily cut to the tank height

Votronic Tank Level Sensor Electrode 15-50K for Fresh, Grey, Black 5545

Level measuring of fresh, grey and black water

Votronic Tank Level Sensor FL 5530

level measuring of fresh and grey water

RRP $99.00

Votronic VPC Jupiter 200 - 5748

Multi-Panel-System for Campers and Caravans

RRP $499.00

Votronic Battery Temperature Sensor - 2001

Reduces charge voltage as battery temperature increases

RRP $39.00

Votronic Remote LCD Display housing

Casing suitable for Votronic LCD displays

RRP $49.00