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Victron Inverters & More

Our Victron Inverters category offers a wide range of high-quality products designed to meet your power needs. Victron is a trusted name in the industry, known for their reliability and performance.

Victron Inverter-Chargers

Victron Inverter Chargers provide seamless power conversion and charging functionality. These devices are perfect for ensuring your batteries are always charged and ready to go.

Victron Inverter-Charger-MPPTs All-in-Ones

For maximum ease, consider our Victron Inverter Charger MPPTs. These devices offer advanced Maximum Power Point Tracking technology, ensuring you get the most from your solar panels.


What is the difference between the Phoenix Smart, MultiPlus, and Quattro?

The Phoenix Smart is a stand-alone inverter whereas the MultiPlus, and Quattro are inverter/chargers, they have different features and capabilities. The Phoenix Smart has Bluetooth built-in. The MultiPlus is a combined inverter and charger that can also provide support to an incoming AC source via its UPS functionality. The Quattro is similar to the MultiPlus but has two AC inputs for increased flexibility and automatic switching between active sources such as the grid and a generator.

What is the difference between the MultiPlus and MultiPlus-II?

The MultiPlus and MultiPlus-II are both inverter/chargers from Victron Energy, but the MultiPlus-II has an additional grid-connect relay, which was added for compliance in certain countries and applications. Some MultiPlus-II models also have marginally decreased no-load power.  For most people, apart from the shape, there is very little difference.