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Experience the Power of 12V Inverters

Discover our range of 12V inverters, designed to convert 12V DC power into 240V / 230V AC power. These inverters are perfect for powering a variety of devices and appliances, making them an essential piece of equipment for your car or camping trip.

Why Choose a 12V Inverter?

12V inverters provide the opportunity to power your devices wherever you are. Whether you're on the road or out in nature, a 12V inverter can supply the power you need.

Benefits of Using a 12V Inverter

With a 12V inverter, you can manage your power supply more efficiently. These inverters are designed to convert DC power into AC power, allowing you to use your devices and appliances without the need for a traditional power source.

Explore Our Range of 12V Inverters

Our selection of 12V inverters includes a variety of models and brands including Victron and Enerdrive to fit your specific needs. We only stock pure sine wave models so you can run all your electronics.


What is the main use of a 12V inverter?

A 12V inverter is primarily used to convert 12V DC power into 240V / 230V AC power. This allows you to power household appliances and other AC devices from a 12V battery, making it ideal for use in vehicles, boats, or during camping trips.

How do I choose the right 12V inverter for my needs?

When choosing a 12V inverter, consider the power requirements of the devices you want to use. The inverter should have a wattage rating that's higher than the total wattage of all your devices you intend of using at once. Also, consider whether you need a pure sine wave inverter, which is necessary for sensitive electronics, but more expensive.

Can a 12V inverter power a laptop or a TV?

Yes, a 12V inverter can power a laptop, TV, or other similar devices. However, you need to ensure that the inverter's power output (in watts) is sufficient for the device. Always check the power requirements of your devices before using them with an inverter.  To avoid damaging the sensitive electronics in your laptop and TV, a pure sine wave inverter is recommended.

Does a 12V inverter drain the battery when on, but not in use?

Yes, a 12V inverter will still draw power from the battery even when it's not in use. To prevent unnecessary battery drain, it's recommended to turn off the inverter when it's not needed.  When on, even with no load, it may draw current as low as 0.3A for a 200W inverter, or as large as 2-3A for a 2000W inverter.