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Do you need an inverter?

An inverter converts the DC electricity from your battery into Alternating Current (AC) electricity.  This means you can use your 240 V appliances even if you do not have access to mains power.  

If you only want to use solar power to power your LED lights, laptop, TV, fridge, water pumps, radio and other 12 V low power devices using 12 V outlet then you do not need to purchase and install an inverter.


Benefits of Pure Sine Wave inverters

  • reduced current distortion helps electrical equipment perform more efficiently, particularly for inductive load appliances such as microwaves;
  • reduced harmonic distortion (e.g. lines across TV screen, lights flickering, speaker static);
  • quieter operation of sensitive electronics (e.g. humming/buzzing noise)



The inverter should be mounted in a dry area with adequate ventilation, and as close to the batteries as possible to minimize the voltage drop from the batteries to the inverter.  

If you are connecting to existing lead acid batteries they should be located in a separate area as flooded, wet, vented cell lead acid batteries can produce flammable hydrogen gas when being charged and switching on the inverter could cause a spark and even an explosion.