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Our range of Battery Switches, Selector Switches, and Battery Disconnect devices provide essential control over your power systems, including car battery disconnect and 12V isolator switch capabilities.

Blue Sea Battery Isolation Switches

The Blue Sea battery switches, known for their durable design and seamless operation, ensure reliable control over your battery's power connection and are an exceptional solution for a car battery isolator switch or marine battery isolator switch or even for a winch.

Battery Isolator Switch

Our battery isolator switches, including high-quality models like the Blue Sea variety, provide a safe and efficient solution to maintain battery health and prolong its lifespan for a variety of applications, from automotive to solar.

Dual Battery Switch & Battery Selector Switch

Take control of your dual battery systems with our range of dual battery isolation switches, battery selector switches, and battery cutoff switch models. These switches enable you to direct power from either battery, or both, optimizing your energy use and preventing battery drain.

Marine Battery Switch & Boat Battery Isolator Switch

Secure your marine power systems with our marine battery switches and boat battery isolator switches. These are ideal devices when you need a battery kill switch or battery master switch on the water.

Solar/PV Isolation Switch, DC Isolator & Inverter Switch

Optimize your solar power system with our Solar/PV isolation switches, DC isolators, and inverter switches. These provide secure disconnection of solar panels and inverters, ensuring safe maintenance and troubleshooting. Our range also includes winch isolator switch models and solar panel isolation switch devices for specialized applications.