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Solar Panel Mounting Brackets

Secure your solar investment with our high-quality Solar Panel Mounting Brackets. Our range of sturdy and reliable brackets are designed to safely mount your solar panels to a variety of surfaces, ensuring optimal performance and longevity of your solar system.

Solar Brackets

We offer a wide selection of Solar Brackets suitable for all types of solar panels, whether you're installing a compact system on a caravan or a large-scale setup on a rooftop. Our solar panel brackets cater to all panel sizes and offer a secure fit, maintaining your solar system's efficiency and durability.

Solar Panel Mounting Kits

Need a more customized setup? Our Aluminium Solar Panel Mounting Kits come with all the brackets, screws and bolts you need for a successful and safe installation. These kits are designed with ease of installation.  All you'll need extra is some polyurethane adhesive like Sikaflex or MS Polymer like Fix15.

Solar Panel Mounting Brackets for Caravans

If you're looking to mount your solar panels on a caravan, our Solar Panel Mounting Brackets for Caravans are ideal. They're robust, adjustable, and designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions, making them perfect for those on the move.

Adjustable Solar Panel Mounts

Ensure your solar panels are securely fastened and perfectly angled for maximum sun exposure with our Adjustable Solar Panel Mounts. These mounts offer flexible positioning, letting you make the most of the sun's rays all year round.

Solar Panel Roof Mounting Brackets and Solar Panel Roof Brackets

For those installing solar systems on a rooftop, our Solar Panel Roof Mounting Brackets and Solar Panel Roof Brackets offer a secure and straightforward solution. These durable brackets will keep your panels safely in place, even in harsh weather conditions.

Solar Panel Corner Mounts

For corners and more unique mounting needs, we offer Solar Panel Corner Mounts as well. Whatever your solar panel mounting needs, we've got you covered!