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Blue Sea MRBF (Marine Rated Battery Fuse) Terminal Fuses & Holders

Welcome to our collection of Blue Sea MRBF Fuses & Holders, designed specifically for high-performance marine applications. With fuses ranging from 30A to 300A, and a selection of single and double fuse holders, we offer products that provide unparalleled protection for your marine electrical systems.

Superior Protection with Marine Rated Battery Fuses

Marine Rated Battery Fuses, or MRBF, are renowned for their superior capacity to protect electrical systems against overcurrent and short-circuits in demanding marine environments. They ensure safe and uninterrupted operation of your marine electrical systems while providing robust protection.

Single and Double MRBF Fuse Holders

Our range of MRBF Fuse Holders is available in both single and double configurations. These holders securely accommodate your MRBF fuses, enhancing their efficiency and prolonging their lifespan. Crafted for durability, these fuse holders are the ideal choice for challenging marine conditions.

Wide Range of Sizes

Our MRBF fuses are available in sizes ranging from 30A to 300A, catering to a wide array of applications. Whether you require protection for smaller marine circuits or larger, high-demand systems, you'll find the perfect fuse to meet your needs in our extensive range.