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Discover our diverse range of high-quality inverters. From 12V, 24V, 48V, to units with varying wattages, we have the perfect inverter for your power needs. All our inverters provide pure sine wave output to safely power your devices.

Our Inverter Range

12V Inverters

Experience the power and efficiency of our 12V inverters. Designed for both smaller and larger power requirements, these units are compact, perfect for use in RVs and boats as the wiring and battery systems are set up for 12V use. Our 12V inverters deliver a pure sine wave output, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of your sensitive electronic devices. Moreover, they come with robust safety features, including overheat protection, overload protection, and low battery shutdown. Whether you need to power a laptop, charge a phone, or run a small appliance, our 12V inverters provide a reliable power source whenever and wherever you need it. Discover the simplicity and reliability of 12V inverters at Solar 4 RVs.

24V and 48V Inverters

Explore the dynamic world of 24V and 48V inverters, ideal for more substantial power requirements. These units provide reliable and steady power, perfect for powering larger appliances and complex electrical systems in trucks, buses, boats, and off-grid homes. Known for their increased efficiency, our 24V and 48V inverters are the ideal choice when running higher power loads. Their pure sine wave output ensures the safe and smooth operation of your sensitive electronic equipment. Built with advanced safety features such as overheat protection, overload protection, and low battery alarm/shutdown, these inverters provide dependable power without compromising on safety. Take your power system to the next level with our high-efficiency 24V and 48V inverters, a popular choice for robust off-grid power systems and solar power installations. Experience the difference with Solar 4 RVs

High Wattage Inverters

Step up your power game with our range of high wattage inverters. Delivering capacities from 250VA to 5000VA, these powerhouses are designed to handle substantial electrical loads with ease. Ideal for larger vehicles, off-grid homes, and commercial setups, our high wattage inverters can power multiple appliances simultaneously without skipping a beat.

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

All of our inverters, regardless of their wattage, are pure sine wave inverters. This means they produce power that is identical in quality to the power supplied by your electrical grid. Pure sine wave power is essential for the safe operation of sensitive electronics and appliances. It ensures your devices run smoother, quieter, and cooler.

Whether you are powering complex systems, running heavy-duty tools, or simply ensuring that your delicate electronics are protected, our high wattage, pure sine wave inverters are up to the task. Experience power without compromise with Solar 4 RVs' range of high wattage, pure sine wave inverters."