Battery Management Systems

REC Active BMS for Lithium cells is the first of its kind on the market providing active bi-directional balancing.

Full Kit: REC Active Balancing BMS for 4 cells

Electronic Unit + wiring harness


REC Sunny Island (SI) BMS + Temp sensor + Shunt Cable + CANBus Cable

For SMA Sunny Island, Studer Innotec Victron inverters


REC BMS Slave BMS for 16-cells for 9M Master unit (special order)

For lithium battery packs with up to 195 cells in series


REC BMS MASTER UNIT 9M (special order)

Master + slaves with up to 240 cells in series


REC BMS LCD Touch Display

Suitable for 7R BMS, Q 16S BMS, Active BMS


REC Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module

Logs & connects the BMS to your smart phone/tablet


REC Pre-charge Resistor and Relay 11-68V 2-11 Seconds 66R

Controlled inrush current flow for capacitive loads


REC Cable DB9 to RJ45 for CAN-Bus (SMA)

for CAN-Bus to Sunny Island inverters