Battery Management Systems

REC Active BMS for Lithium cells is the first of its kind on the market providing active bi-directional balancing.

REC Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) module

Connects REC BMS to your Android / Apple smart device


REC BMS MASTER UNIT 9M (special order)

Master + slaves with up to 240 cells in series


REC Cable DB9 to RJ45 for CAN-Bus

for CAN-Bus to Sunny Island inverters


REC BMS Slave BMS for 9M Master unit (special order)

For lithium battery packs with up to 195 cells in series


REC Sunny Island (SI) BMS + Temp sensor + Shunt Cable + CANBus Cable

For SMA Sunny Island, Studer Innotec Victron inverters


Full Kit: REC Active Balancing BMS for 4 cells

Electronic Unit + wiring harness


REC BMS LCD Touch Display

Suitable for 7R BMS, Q 16S BMS, Active BMS


REC Pre-charge Resistor and Relay 11-68V 2-11 Seconds 66R

Controlled inrush current flow for capacitive loads