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MC4 Fuses and Diodes

Explore our high-quality selection of MC4 fuses and diodes, designed to optimize the safety and efficiency of your solar energy systems.

MC4 Blocking Diode Connectors

We offer MC4 diode connectors that can withstand current loads of 10A to 15A. These connectors offer reliable, high-speed operation for your solar energy setup. Experience the efficiency of our MC4 blocking diodes that prevent current from flowing back to your solar panels, thereby protecting them from potential damage.

MC4 Inline Solar/PV Fuses

Our MC4 inline fuses are designed to protect your solar panels from overcurrent. They provide the needed safety measure to ensure your solar energy system functions optimally at all times.  The MC4 In-line Solar Fuse Connector 15A provides efficient protection and enhances the safety of your solar energy installations.

Equip your solar energy system with our top-grade MC4 fuses and diodes for superior performance and protection.