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Maximize Your Battery Efficiency with Battery Combiners

Discover our range of Voltage Sensitive Relays (VSRs) and Battery Combiners, designed to optimize the charging process and extend the lifespan of your battery systems. Our selection includes Victron and Enerdrive and other advanced solutions.

Voltage Sensitive Relay: The Perfect Solution for Efficient Charging

The Voltage Sensitive Relay is a popular choice for managing the charging process in multiple battery systems. It ensures that all batteries are charged effectively, preventing undercharging and preventing the starter battery from going flat.

What Does a Voltage Sensitive Relay Do?

Voltage Sensitive Relays are essential for systems with multiple batteries. They monitor the voltage level and ensure that the secondary battery receives charge when the starter battery voltage increases, meaning the starter battery is being charged by the vehicle alternator.

Choosing the Right Voltage Sensitive Relay

Choosing the right Voltage Sensitive Relay for your system is crucial. Consider the voltage and current requirements of your system, as well as the reliability and reputation of the manufacturer.