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Solar 4 RVs showroom warehouse offices in Rowville Vic



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We receive a tremendous amount of enquiries via phone, email and the 'contact us' form daily.  This means we are not always able to respond in a timely manner. 

Many questions, which may appear simple, such as "How much solar do I need to power my van/yacht's  LED lights, a fridge and  ....?"  can be time-consuming to answer as there are many variables, for example, load over the course of a day/night, load at any one time, travel in summer or winter, daily sun hours exposure, size of fridge, 12V or 240V requirement.  For a more accurate assessment, refer to our Calculate Your Needs page.

Before sending us an enquiry please have a look through our 'buyer guides' as they may provide the answers to your query.  

Thank you.


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