About Us

Solar 4 RVsTM incorporating Solar 4 BoatsTM and Solar 4 IndustryTM is a multi-award-winning company that is publicly acknowledged as the leader in solar systems for mobile applications including RVs, marine and off-grid equipment. The family business operates across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific from offices, showroom and warehouse in the Melbourne suburb of Rowville.  

  • 2019   Winner - Australian 'Energy Business of the Year' MyBusiness Awards
  • 2019   Winner - Australian 'Businesswoman of the Year' MyBusiness Awards - Trish Chapallaz
  • 2019   Finalist - Women in Industry Awards Australian 'Mentor of the Year' - Trish Chapallaz
  • 2018:  Winner - ABA100 Australian Business Award for Eco Innovation
  • 2018   Ranked in the top 50 of the SMART 100 list for Australian innovative companies
  • 2018   Winner - APAC Áustralian Excellence Award 'Leading Lightweight Solar Power Solution Provider
  • 2018   Finalist - Australian Small Business Champions Awards &;'Specialist Small Business' & 'Small Business Growth'
  • 2017   Winner - Optus My Business Award in the category Australian 'Retail Business of the Year'
  • 2016   ​Finalist - Women in Industry Awards - Trish Chapallaz
  • 2015   Winner - Optus MyBusiness Awards in the category 'Sustainability Initiative of the Year’
  • 2015   Winner - 3AW Momentum Energy Small Business Success Award
  • 2015   Selected - Victorian Government Face of Small Business
  • 2015   Featured - business.vic.gov.au website as small business success case study


We specialise in supplying both the public and businesses with quality mobile solar power solutions for caravans/RVs, boats, yachts, trucks, vans, trailers, commercial and industrial outdoor equipment.  

We source the latest technology products ensuring they are robust and lightweight, including thin, flexible solar panels and Lithium batteries.

Owner/Director Phil is an electrical/electronic engineer that conducts extensive research, testing nd field trials to ensure products, advice and system designs are of the highest quality.

The Directors are actively involved in the day to day running of this business, priding themselves on their personalised service, attention to detail and extensive research and testing regime. The team is also supported by a 12V specialist with over 30 years experience and extensive knowledge of installing solar on caravans.   


Why Choose Solar 4 RVs

Thin flexible solar panels about to be installed onto a caravan


We specialise

in solar power for mobile applications ensuring products are robust, lightweight, compact and efficient for their size; many of them specifically designed for use in mobile vehicles or boats.  We stock the largest range of flexible solar panels in Australia.

Solar 4 RVs flexible solar panels on a caravan roof


We use the latest technology

and have the technical competence to back-up our products and service. We select quality products that are cost effective, efficient and reliable.

Personalised solar system design service by Solar 4 RVs


We assist you

to choose the appropriate combination of products to meet your specific needs. Our Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC) lets you identify your power usage and the combination of products that match your needs.

Quality solar products and kits for caravans and boats


We can provide everything you need

to install a solar system including solar panels, solar controllers, cable, connectors, inverters, chargers, batteries and much more.  You can buy a kit or individual products.


Solar 4 RVs tests many products to ensure their quality and suitablity


Our qualified team

ensures we maintain our standards and focus on quality improvements.  Our Electrical/ Electronics Engineer undertakes considerable research and conducts testing on the products we sell to ensure they are robust and suitable.

Solar 4 RVs has excellent customer service


We care

about your ultimate satisfaction with the solar system or product that you obtain and aim to ensure it best meets your needs.  Our reputation is important to us and want you to have a positive experience before, during and after you purchase.

Solar 4 RVs provides great after sales service


Our customer service

approach recognises that everyone has a different level of knowledge and different needs.  We take the time to provide a personalised service and our after sales and warranty service is second to none.

Solar 4 RVs provides a customised design service


We can provide a design service

to assist the public, manufacturers and industry to analyse their power needs and to choose the right combination of products to meet your specific circumstances.



 Solar 4 RVs is a member of the Smart Energy Council                  



Who can you trust?

With solar becoming more popular there are many online sellers adding solar products to their shopping cart.  The more information you acquire and the more knowledge you gain before making a purchase the better, however, there are many innacurate and unrealistic claims about performance of various products so ensure they are genuine and are substantiated with facts from reliable sources.

Ask yourself:

  • "Is the product/system robust and suitable for your particular application?"​
  • "Is it value for money?" Even though a product may sound impressive and is priced cheaply is it the best value for money?  For example an MPPT solar charge controller has maximum power point tracking whereas a Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controller does not. This may mean you would need to increase your solar panel size by up to a third to get the same amount of power. You won't be saving money if you buy a product that won't last or the performance does not meet your needs.
  • "Is it lightweight enough for your towing weight?"
  • "Will it fit into/onto the space you have available?" (we can provide custom sizes)
  • "Is it easy to install?"  "Will you be provided with instruction?"
  • "Will it link into your existing equipment?"  "Are all the products compatible?"
  • "Will it meet your power consumption needs?"
  • "Will you receive after sales advice and support?"  
  • "Will any warranty claims be dealt with appropriately?"

We guarantee that there will be NO gimmicks, false claims or pressure to buy.  Our reputation depends on it.