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Dive into our specialized selection of Lithium Battery Chargers, designed specifically to provide optimal and safe charging for your lithium batteries. Our lineup features chargers tailored for various applications, including the powerful 12V and 24V lithium battery chargers, ideal for a range of commercial and personal vehicles.

Precise Lithium Charge

Our chargers are engineered to deliver a precise lithium charge, ensuring your batteries are always at peak performance. Furthermore, we provide a range of LiFePO4 chargers, renowned for their exceptional efficiency and lifespan. Designed to handle the specific requirements of LiFePO4 batteries, they offer a seamless charging solution for this advanced battery technology.

Comprehensive Lithium Charging Solutions

If you're after a comprehensive lithium charging solution, you're in the right place. With our lithium battery chargers, get ready to experience dependable power, longer battery life, and greater convenience.

FAQ Section

What is the recommended LiFePO4 charging voltage?

For optimal balance between use, cell balancing and service life, we recommend a LiFePO4 charging voltage of 14.2V bulk/absorption and 13.5V float.  This ensures you have a full charge, reduces voltage induced stresses but the voltage is still high enough for effective passive cell balancing.

What is the fully charged voltage for a 12V LiFePO4 battery?

Technically, a 12V LiFePO4 battery reaches full charge, or 100%, at 3.65V per cell or 14.6V total. However, at 14.2V, the battery is approximately 99% full, which helps reduce voltage induced stresses by keeping far enough below the upper voltage limit.