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Comprehensive Solar Power Estimation Tool for RVs and Caravans

Welcome to the Solar Power Estimate Calculator (SPEC), a comprehensive tool designed to guide you in identifying the solar power product combination that best suits your needs. SPEC considers the power consumption of your RV or caravan and your travel destinations to suggest an optimal solution.

Developed and copyrighted by Solar 4 RVs in 2014, SPEC is a trusted resource for solar power system planning. We kindly ask you to review the copyright information provided below before proceeding.

Using SPEC: A Simple and Advanced Guide

The SPEC interface is divided into seven sections, each one leading you through the process of identifying the solar system that fits your needs:

  • Sections 1-6 guide you through the system identification process
  • Section 7 allows you to input the wattage of the panels you currently have or are considering, to estimate how long you can free-camp based on the battery capacity you enter.

Some fields require your input while others are automatically calculated:

  • Yellow background fields are editable, allowing you to adjust or replace the pre-populated values.
  • Black background fields display automatically calculated values.

Each section of the SPEC guides you through different aspects of your solar power system estimation. From power consumption data, PV and battery performance data, solar sizing calculations, battery sizing calculations, location and season selection, calculation results, to your current or proposed system.

When you're ready, please use the following links to launch the SPEC tool:

Launch Advanced SPEC

Launch Simple SPEC

Upon completion, you may email a screenshot of your SPEC results to for a personalized system quote.


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