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21 to 30A Battery Chargers at Solar4RVs

Discover our selection of battery chargers with a charging current range of 21 to 30A. These chargers are suitable for larger batteries, providing a faster charge rate to meet your high-power needs.

Quality Chargers for Heavy Use

Our 21 to 30A battery chargers are ideal for charging batteries that are heavily used or for batteries used in high-power devices. They ensure your batteries are always ready for use when you need them.

Compatible with AGM and Lithium Batteries

Most of our chargers are compatible with both AGM and lithium batteries. This means if you decide to swap to lithium later, there's no need to replace your charger.

Smart Chargers with Bluetooth

Experience the convenience of smart charging with our Victron Smart chargers. These chargers have in-built Bluetooth, allowing you to change settings to suit your specific battery type on the VictronConnect App.

12V and 24V Battery Chargers

These chargers convert 240V AC to 12V DC or 240V AC to 24V DC.

Our 21 to 30A battery chargers are available in both 12V and 24V options, catering to a wide range of power requirements. Explore our reliable charging solutions today.

Lithium/LiFePO4 Mains Chargers

At 25A or 30A, these chargers are more than capable of charging decent size lithium batteries such as 100-200Ah banks.