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Unrivalled Off-Grid Power Solutions

Exotronic stands at the forefront of off-grid power solutions, offering high-quality solar panels specifically engineered to cater to a diverse array of roof shapes and sizes. Our collection harnesses the cutting-edge efficiency of Trina monocrystalline PERC (Passivated Emitter Rear Collector) cells, designed to optimize power output and deliver reliable energy, no matter the location.

High-Efficiency Trina Monocrystalline PERC Cells

At the heart of Exotronic solar panels are the 23% Trina monocrystalline PERC cells, embodying superior technology for heightened efficiency. The implementation of a 9-wire bus bar not only enhances the panel’s power output but also improves its resistance to cracking, ensuring longevity and durability.

Low-Iron High Transmittivity Tempered Glass

Fitted with low-iron high transmittivity tempered glass, these panels offer a minimal loss in light transmission, making the most out of every ray of sunlight. This is particularly beneficial during periods of low-light conditions, as it allows the panels to maintain their high-performance standards, enhancing energy production and consistency.

Experience the Power of Exotronic Solar Panels

Explore the Exotronic range and experience the synergy of advanced solar technology and innovative design, aimed at delivering the highest possible power output for your off-grid power needs.