REC 2Q BMS wiring harness

5 connectors with installed wires and cables

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Wiring harness components plug into the 5 connectors in the 2Q BMS:

  1. "RS485-0" Connector:  At present a connector is supplied with pins that is intended to connect to a wifi unit (please allow us to get some cables made up to go from this new connector to the REC WIFI unit)
  2. "RS 485 CAN T Cp" Connector with the following wires
    • "RS 485-1" no wires on these pins
    • "CAN" has a 0.5metre cable to a Weipu Series 13 connector  (note that mostly inverters and controllers use an RJ45 connector for their CAN Bus, however as there is no industry standard pin-out for the RJ45 this leg of the CAN Bus cable is a separate purchase)
    • "T" has a jumper wire
    • "Cp" no wires on these pins
  3. "CELLS" Connector with the following labelled wires with a clean cut at 2metres length (for termination by the installer):
    • 17 cell wires labelled as follows:  "Cell 1-", "Cell 1+", etc to "Cell 16+"
    • Power supply wires labelled:  "Pack -",  "Pack +"
    • Pre-charge wire labelled:  "Precharge"
  4. "Isens Tsens"  Connector with the following labelled cables each 2metres length
    • DS18B20 digital temperature sensor  x 2 (unlabelled)
    • Shunt sense cable with 4mm lugs with 1 labelled "+" that attaches to the battery side of the shunt
  5. "Power symbol  I/Os" Connector with 1 metre length cable and wire as follows:
    • Power symbol: Cable to BMS on/off switch
    • I/O wires labelled as follows:
      • "OC 1-", "OC 1+"
      • "OC 2-", "OC 2+"



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