REC DB9 to RJ45 CAN-Bus Cable (REC BMS to Wakespeed WS500)

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For use with:  Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator,  the REC Active BMS, Q 16S BMS.

This 2-metre DB9 connector to RJ45 connector cable connects between a CAN enabled REC BMS to the Wakespeed WS500. Data communicated by the REC BMS sets the maximum voltage and maximum current output of the WS500 for proper management of the charge cycle.  Fine control of the current is particularly important while the REC BMS is balancing the LiFePO4/LIPO cells and during the topping off the pack at 100% full (or at the end of charge voltage set by the user via the PC or WI-FI user interface).



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