Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator - Configurable Kit

Standalone or CAN Bus system to charge 12V-48V batteries

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Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator - Configurable Kit

Included items:

  • WS500 unit (no wiring harness). For a functional system, you must add:
  1. One of the wire harness options listed above
  2. An alternator temperature sensor
  3. WS500 accessories can be purchased here

Technical Information:

The Ultimate Alternator Regulator

The WS500 is the only alternator regulator available that can utilize current, voltage and temperature to deliver the most precise and effective charging possible for 12V, 24V and 48V battery systems – with configurability for voltages in between – making it the perfect solution for charging lead acid based, or new generation LiFePo4 lithium ion battery banks.

Developed during years of cruising in the Pacific Northwest, the WS500 is uniquely designed to be configured via easy-to-use onboard DIP switches, or can be connected to a PC to provide more than 100 user controls. The WS500 can also be connected to battery BMS modules other CAN J1939 devices through its data ports, making it the only regulator of choice to provide safe and smart charging for LiFeP04 and other emerging battery technologies.

The WS500 can be connected to a current shunt to monitor current flow to and from the batteries, enabling the regulator to control charging based on a combination of system voltage and amperage delivered from the alternator to the batteries. In addition, the WS500 can also monitor alternator and battery temperatures and modify charging output to ensure optimal safety and charging performance at the alternator and batteries. When connected to a BMS system, the WS500 can receive critical voltage, current and temperature data via the CAN J1939 pathway, reducing the need for external sensor connections.

The regulator’s auto-detect function identifies system voltage and automatically adjusts charging to support 12V, 24V and 48V profiles. Default profiles for eight battery types can be configured at the regulator via the DIP switches. Selectable profiles include programs for standard and deep cycle flooded lead acid, standard and high-density AGM batteries, carbon foam AGM (Firefly), Gel, and LiFeP04. Two profiles allow for the flexibility to customize profiles with a PC, using the WS500 Configuration Tool or a terminal program like Putty. Support for non-common battery voltages (such as 32v) may also be configured in the same way.

The WS500 can be used with different polarity alternators by selecting the appropriate N-Type or P-Type regulator wiring harness. Wiring harnesses are equipped with high-quality Ampseal connectors and provide all connections for basic operation, as well as dedicated connection wires for voltage and current sensing. See our Technical page for more information.

The Wakespeed® Offshore WS500 voltage regulator is built in the U.S.A. and features an industry-leading two-year limited warranty.

Take Command of Your Vessel's Power Management Today

pgrade to the Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator for unmatched precision and reliability. Complete your system with the necessary wire harness and temperature sensor for optimal performance. Visit our accessories page for individual purchases, and dive into our technical documentation to fully harness the capabilities of the WS500. Don't just take our word for it — explore the rave reviews from Seabits and Panbo to see why the WS500 is the ultimate charging solution. Act now to benefit from smart charging technology that's been tested in the toughest conditions.



System Voltage
12 Volt Yes, auto detect
24 Volt
48 Volt
Other Yes - Custom Adjustable. No hardware changes necessary
Field Polarity
A-Type (N) Select compatible P- or N-type wiring harness to match alternator polarity.
B-Type (P)
Regulation Capability
Charge controller is uniquely capable of driving alternator output based on a combination of three primary criteria: voltage, current, and temperature goals / limits – making it possible to configure charging to specific battery manufacturer recommendations.
Voltage Yes - Via sense wires included in wiring harness
Current Yes - Via amp shunt. Can be calibrated to support most shunts. 500A/50mV is default.
Temperature Yes - Via alternator and battery temperature sensors. Real-time, variable charging output based on ambient alternator and battery temperature
Basic Configuration
Via built-in dip switch Charge profile by battery type Battery capacity Alternator output range Battery ID
Battery Charge Profiles
Eight preset programs based on battery type. Selectable via dip switch. Default (Safe) &AGM#1 Standard FLA Deep Cycle FLA HD AGM Gel Carbon Foam (Firefly) Custom #1 Custom #2 (Preconfigured with LiFePO4 profile)
Charge Phase Criteria Flexible charging protocol integrating: system voltage, battery acceptance current, battery temperature, alternator temperature, and / or time duration.
Extended Battery Temperature Range Support Charge controller can be configured to provide safe charging of batteries outside of normal temperature ranges by dynamically limiting charge current.
Advanced Configuration
Via USB port 100+ advanced adjustments accessible via ASCII Terminal software
Via App Basic license to third-party app is provided — enabling access to monitoring, programming and diagnostic functions via computer or mobile device
CAN (Control Area Network) J1939-based CAN provides access for system integration and monitoring. Uses standard CAT5 or CAT6 cabling.Termination jumper included with charge controller
USB Built-in Micro USB allows for advanced system configuration, diagnostics, and firmware upgrade
Field Output Control
Default Values Large Alternator Mode (100%) Small Alternator Mode (75%) Half Power Mode (50%)
Advanced Configurable Maximum field bandwidth adjustable from 10% to 100% in one percent increments
Firmware Updates
Yes Charge controller firmware updatable via built-in USB connector
Regulator Display
Onboard LED Operational and troubleshooting/ fault data via blink pattern
Remote Display Via CAN to remote displays using commonly-accepted marine and RV protocols
Adaptive Idle Technology™
Yes Allows charge controller to dynamically reduce alternator output to prevent stalling, sluggish performance and match engine power curves at lower RPMs
Zero Output Technology™
Yes Enables charge controller to use current monitoring capabiltiy to limit output to match house loads only when batteries are fully charged
Multiple Alternator Support
Yes - On twin engine applications Allows multiple charge controllers to communicate via the CAN to ensure balanced output and charging efficiency when supporting a single, large battery bank. Device hierarchy establishes master/slave relationship between charge sources
Yes - Dual alternators on single engine Field output can be split from single charge controller to drive dual alternators charging common bank. (30A max with High Capacity wiring harness)
BMS Compatibility
Yes Compatible with multiple BMS brands using RV-C and OSEnergy protocols. Configurable to many available systems
Temperature Sensing
Alternator Temperature Sensing Active regulation based on ambient alternator temperature, ensures optimal output and alternator safety, versus simple capping typical of most voltage dependent regulator models
Battery Temperature Sensing Battery temperature monitoring protects the battery from over/ under temperature situations, as well as adjust voltage targets based on temperature. Temperature sensor enables regulator to adjust charging voltage to compensate for changes in battery temperature
Internal Temperature Sensing Protects charge controller’s internal circuitry from damage due to out-of-range values
Physical Data
Enclosure Dimensions 160mm x 100mm x 60mm 6-3 /4"L x 3-7 /8"W x 2-3 /8”H
Footprint 190mm x 100mm 7-1 /2”L x 3-7 /8”W
Enclosure Diecast Aluminum Alloy --- designed for ip67 desiged
Finish Powdercoat
Wiring Harness Color coded tinned wire. Expandable sheathing
Terminal Connectors Ampseal 23-pin waterproof Ruggedized RJ45 (CAN)
USB Connector Micro USB
Warranty 2-year limited warranty

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