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Discover the resilience and efficiency of our waterproof MPPT solar charge controllers, specifically the Genasun brand, designed for rugged and demanding conditions. Whether you're on a Pacific expedition, traversing the Arctic circle, or sailing through rough seas, our waterproof charge controllers ensure your system's seamless operation.

Renowned for their adaptability, these controllers can keep lithium or lead acid batteries fully charged in the harshest of climates, demonstrating their robustness. Genasun controllers, with their Class I Division 2 classification, offer reliable performance even under hazardous environmental conditions.

Enjoy the advantages of cutting-edge design that eliminates the need for fans and relays, thereby reducing the possibility of component failure due to dust, dirt, or constant switching. Experience the superior efficiency and low EMI of our FCC-rated Genasun controllers, ensuring your communication or sensing equipment runs smoothly without disruptions, even when your chargers are operating at full capacity.

Built for Tough Conditions

Waterproof with an IP68 rating, these controllers are designed to withstand extreme weather and harsh environments, providing uninterrupted service.

Peak Performance

With a peak efficiency of 99%, Genasun controllers ensure optimal performance, making the most out of every ray of sunlight.

Advanced Electronic Protections

With built-in safeguards against overcharge, short-circuits, and other potential risks, our controllers guarantee safe and reliable operation.

Continuous MPPT

Genasun controllers utilize Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) to constantly maximize the amount of energy harnessed from your solar panels.

Dependable Warranty

Each controller comes with a 5-year warranty, highlighting our commitment to quality and long-lasting performance.

Explore our range of waterproof MPPT solar charge controllers and elevate your off-grid power system's reliability and efficiency.