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Optional Battery Temperature Sensor

The Votronic Battery Temperature Sensor can be used for automatic adaptation and correction of the charging voltage to the battery temperature (Temperature Compensation).  The sensor has a 2m length of connection cable and mounting hole M8.  It is sealed for protection against environmental pollution.


Duo charge outputs:

1) Main charging output to Main/House Battery

2) 2nd charging output trickle charges vehicle start battery

Multi-stage charging profile can be set by user to four different types of battery.

Compensates for cable voltage drop between the controller and the battery

Specifictions:                                165 W                        250  W                          350  W                          430 W                          480 W / 24 V*

Capacity (Watts peak):            50 - 165                     50 - 250                       50 - 350                        50 - 430                       50 - 480

Dimensions (WxDxH mm):      131 x 77 x 40            131 x 77 x 40              131 x 77 x 40                 131 x 77 x 40              137 x 102 x 71

Controller Weight (g):​              190                            210                               250                                260                             670

LCD computer weight (g):         60                             60                                 60                                  60                               60

​Maintenance:  none required

​Installation:  The small mounting depth (approx 27mm) allows flush mounting into boards to ensure that an optimum installation place can be chosen.  Minimising the cable length between the panels and the controller and the controller and the batteries is recommended.  

​Warranty:  2 years

What Solar Controller / Regulator will you need? 

165 Duo Digital is suitable for:
  • 1 x 135W panel; OR
  • 1 x 100W flexible panel PLUS 50W portable fold-up panel.

250 Duo Digital is suitable for:

  • 2 x 120W flexible panels; OR
  • 1 x 120W flexible panel PLUS 1 x 120W portable, fold-up panel; OR
  • 1 x 135W flexible panel PLUS 1 x 50W portable fold-up panel.

350 Duo Digital is suitable for:

  • 3 x 120W flexible panels; OR
  • 2 x 135W flexible panel PLUS 1 x 50W portable, fold-up panel.

430 Duo Digital is suitable for multiple combinations.

Optional Votronic Solar Computer-S LCD Remote Display

​The LCD Solar Computer-S provides a precise display of all important values and can be used with all Votronic Solar Controllers.  It has a 5 metre lead so you can use the display remotely.

The solar charging current, the battery voltage, the power and the Amp-hrs and the Watt-hrs are displayed. The instantaneous capacity of the solar modules is constantly displayed as bar graph in steps of 10 % at the margin of the display. The current meter function counts the “yielded” ampere hours and watt hours, thereby simplifying the control of the solar system. The counter values can be reset to zero at any time and at discretion.

Values displayed by Solar Computer-S remote display:
  • Charging current (A);
  • Solar battery voltage (V);
  • Solar Power (W);
  • Solar power as bar graph;
  • Solar current meter (Ah and Wh).

Weight (g):   60

Warranty:   2 years

Votronic MPP165
Votronic MPP range installation instructions
To purchase go ​to our Prices & Purchase page.
Brand:  Votronic (made in Germany)

Five models available:

MPP 165 Duo Digital Li             (12 V / 12 A / 165 Wp)

MPP 250 Duo Digital Li             (12 V / 118 A / 250 Wp)

MPP 350 Duo Digital Li             (12 V / 25.5 A / 350 Wp) 

MPP 430 Duo Digital Li             (12 V / 32 A/ 430 Wp)

MPP 480/24 Duo Digital Li *      (24 V / 18 A / 480 Wp)  

 * Available by special order only

The German based Votronic company has been engaged in the development and manufacture of electronic devices specifically for camper & caravan, boats, off-road and expedition vehicles and fire fighting & intervention vehicle applications since 1987. 


MPPT Solar Charge Controllers / Regulators 

MPP Duo Digital range features

These MPPT Solar Charge Controller/ Regulators have the following features:

  • Increased Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) charging current by 10 % to 30 %​ compared to PWM (Pulse Width Modulated) controllers;
  • Switchable battery type: Lithium (LiFePO4), AGM, Gel or flooded battery;
  • Two Battery Charging Ports: automatic charging of house battery and support charging / conservation of charge of starter battery with overcharge protection;
  • Unattended Charging: Standard protection against overload, overheating, reverse battery and back discharge of the battery;
  • Overcharge protection: The battery charging current is reduced in cases of excessive solar power and full battery; 
  • ​​Charging Cable Compensation: Automatic compensation of voltage losses on the charging cables;
    Unproblematic parallel operation with wind-driven generators, petrol-driven generators and mains supply chargers;

  • Provision for connection of the Votronic Solar Computer for optimum control of the system. Displayed Values: Battery voltage, charging current, charging capacity, stored capacity and energy (V, A, W, Ah, Wh).  This Solar Computer has a large display with time-controlled adjustable illumination which ensures excellent legibility.
  • Provision for connection to Votronic External Battery Temperature Sensor;