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​BlueSolar MPPT 150/70   (150V / 70A)

​BlueSolar MPPT 75/10   (75V / 10A)

Warranty: All Victron products come with a 2 year worldwide warranty.

​BlueSolar MPPT 100/30   (100V / 30A)

​BlueSolar MPPT 100/15   (100V / 15A)

​BlueSolar MPPT 75/15   (75V / 15A)


  • Advanced Maximum Power Point Detection in case of partial shading conditions;
  • Load output on the small models;
  • BatteryLife: intelligent battery management by load shedding;
  • Automatic battery voltage recognition. The BlueSolar MPPT will automatically adjust itself to the nominal battery voltage;
  • Flexible charge algorithm;
  • Over-temperature protection and power de-rating when temperature is high. 

There are 8 models available:

Victron Energy provides power solutions to solar, marine, recreational, mobility, industrial, automotive and off-grid markets around the world. Founded in 1975, Victron Energy is based in The Netherlands producing reliable, quality products.

Victron BlueSolar

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers / Regulators 

multi-award winning family company

providing engineered solutions


Victron's BlueSolar range of MPPT solar charge controllers have ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).  Especially in case of a clouded sky, when light intensity is changing continuously, a fast MPPT algorithm will improve energy harvest by up to 30% compared to PWM charge controllers.

To purchase any of these products go ​to our Prices & Purchase page.

​BlueSolar MPPT 100/50   (100V / 50A)

​Color Control GX  

This unit provides intuitive control and monitoring for numerous Victron products connected to it including the BlueSolar MPPT range and Victron inverters. 

Besides monitoring and controlling products on the Color Control GX, the information is also forwarded to Victron's free remote monitoring website: the VRM Online Portal. To get an impression of the VRM Online Portal, visit and use the ‘Take a look inside’ button. The portal is free of charge.

​BlueSolar MPPT 150/85   (150V / 85A)

​BlueSolar MPPT 150/35   (150V / 35A)

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​Optional Accessories