Wakespeed WS500 Temperature Sensor for battery or alternator 0.3m cable

Use with WS500 for battery or alternator

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This temperature sensor is for use with:  Wakespeed WS500 Advanced Alternator Regulator

It can be used for the alternator or battery temperature sensor


  • 0.3 metre cable with Superseal 1.5 to mate with the battery or alternator temperature connector on WS500 loom.   8mm "eye" lug for attachment to battery terminal or placement at the battery or alternator.  

Available temperature sensor cable lengths (click on link to open page):

The wires in the harness may also be extended by cutting and splicing in additional length cable.

There is no electrical connection from the thermistor to the lug, therefore the lug can be secured to positive or negative terminals or secured to the alternator case.

The temperature sensor is essential for correct charge control in lead-acid and non CAN-enabled LiFeP04 battery technologies:

  • For lead-acid batteries the WS500 reduces the absorption charge voltage as the temperature increases and will reduce charging current if the temperature rises or falls outside pre-set temperature limits.
  • For lithium batteries the WS500 will stop charging if the battery temperature rises or falls outside pre-set temperature limits.

Note: In CAN enabled LiFePO4 batteries the BMS will be configured to set charge current to zero if the temperature falls or rises outside pre-set temperture limits. However, a battery temperature sensor is still recommended for CAN Bus enabled systems so that the WS500 is able to continue charging in the event of a failure of the CAN enabled BMS (assuming the battery is still connected).

An alternator temperature sensor is needed so that the regulator can, when needed, reduce the current output of the alternator to prevent overheating.  The risk of overheating is most likely in lithium battery systems as they take maximum charge current for a lot longer than the same amp-hour capacity lead-acid batteries.

Previous Wakespeed SKU:  WS500-ATK

Dragonfly Energy SKU:  WS.3THERM

Dragonfly Description: .3M THERMISTER (TEMP.SENSOR-18INCHES)



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