REC Active Balancing BMS for 4 cells

Victron Compatible
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  • suitable for 4 cells
  • single cell voltage measurement (0.1 – 5.0 V, resolution 1 mV)
  • single cell - under/over voltage protection
  • single cell internal resistance measurement
  • SOC (state of charge) calculation & time remaining
  • SOH (state of health) calculation based on number of discharge cycles
  • over temperature protection (up to 2 temperature sensors)
  • under & over temperature charging protection
  • active cell balancing up to 2 A DC per cell
  • shunt current measurement (resolution 7.8 mA @ ± 200 A)
  • 2 galvanically isolated user defined multi-purpose digital output/input
  • 2 programmable relay (normally open or normally closed)
  • galvanically isolated RS-485  communication protocol
  • CAN communication
  • error LED + buzzer indicator
  • PC user interface for changing the settings and data-logging (optional accessory)
  • hibernate switch
  • one IP65 protected connector for all connections


  • Shunt
  • Contactors/pre-charge relays may be required
  • Battery Protect Units may be required.


Optionally add a Victron CANBus cable if connecting to a GX device.

See attachment below main image for the Victron manual. See the REC website for more details or the stand-alone ABMS (non-Victron manual) - and contact us for more information.


1 year

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