Lynx Power In Bolt Kit for MEGA Fuses

Allows MEGA fuses to be installed

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Enhance Your Power Management with the Lynx Power In Bolt Kit for MEGA Fuses

Essential Accessory for Enhanced Functionality: The Lynx Power In Bolt Kit is a vital addition for those utilizing the Lynx Power In M8 or Lynx Power In M10 unit. Designed to integrate seamlessly, this kit enables the installation of MEGA fuses into the Lynx Power In, transforming it from a mere busbar to a more functional and versatile unit.

Unlock Full Potential of Lynx Power In: Without this bolt kit, the Lynx Power In is limited to functioning as a basic busbar. However, with the inclusion of the bolt kit, you can fully utilize MEGA fuses, enhancing the capability and safety of your power management system.

Easy Installation and Compatibility: The Lynx Power In Bolt Kit is engineered for simplicity and ease of installation. It ensures a secure and reliable connection for MEGA fuses, enhancing the overall efficiency and safety of your electrical setup.

Not Required for Lynx Distributor: It's important to note that this kit is exclusively designed for the Lynx Power In unit and is not required for the Lynx Distributor. This specificity ensures that you get the right fit and functionality for your specific Lynx system components.

Perfect for Advanced Power Systems: Ideal for those who require a robust and reliable power management system, the Lynx Power In Bolt Kit is an indispensable tool. Whether for marine, RV, or off-grid applications, this kit ensures that your Lynx Power In unit operates at its best, providing secure and efficient power distribution.

Upgrade your Lynx Power In unit with the Lynx Power In Bolt Kit for MEGA Fuses and experience a higher level of power management efficiency and safety.


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