Daly Smart LiFePO4/Lithium 4 Cells (4S) 12V(12.8V) 100A BMS - Bluetooth & Balancing

High Current Smart BMS

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Daly Smart LiFePO4/Lithium 4 Cells (4S) 12V(12.8V) 100A BMS - Bluetooth & Balancing


  • 1m long balance cables (5 pin) with factory crimper M6 lugs
  • Double length Black P- cable with M10 lug
  • Blue B- cable with M6 lug 
  • New Bluetooth module with Wake-Up Button
  • Temperature sensor (NTC)
  • Video Instruction Guide by QR Code - (It is mandatory this instructional video is watched!)
    • If any cables are incorrect the unit will be irreparably destroyed, the video instruction guide demonstates how to test this BEFORE connecting the plugs into the BMS

The 4S 100A SMART BMS is for LiFePO4 cells only.  You must use 4 cells in series and they must be LiFePO4. This BMS is ideal for a 1000W inverter.


  • Using top quality (A-level) protective integrated circuit IC, from Seiko of Japan. The IC itself has power a balancing function. The circuit is simple and reliable
  • Strong load ability, high constant discharge current, using high voltage tolerant and ultra low resistance power MOSFETs. Daly's extra large heat sinks and sealed thermal coating greatly assist cooling
  • Voltage detection for each cell so each cell will be protected from over charge or over discharge. The over current and short circuit protection function is a built-in feature to preserve the life of both the BMS and cells.
  • Temperature protection during charging and discharging
  • Extremely low power consumption. The consumption of the whole device is between 50 - 600uA depending on the model without Bluetooth. While the Bluetooth module is on, 15mA.
  • Look up SMART BMS by DalyBMS on the Android Play Store or iOS App Store
    • Monitor state of charge
    • Current in/out (IMPORTANT - Current less than ~1A ignored)
    • Power in/out
    • Temperature
    • Charge/discharge MOSFETs open/closed
    • If balancing
    • Individual cell voltages, overall voltage, maximum cell voltage, minimum cell voltage, differential voltage
  • Please see the "Download Manual" link under the main product image for all specifications

History of Daly Development process



Set points subject to change.

  • Continuous Discharge Current: 100A
  • Charrge Voltage: 14.6V
  • Continuous Charge Current 50A
  • Overcharge Voltage 3.75V
  • Overcharge Release Voltage: 3.55V
  • Balance Detect Voltage: 3.35V
  • Balance Current: 30mA
  • Over Discharge Voltage: 2.7V
  • Over Discharge Release Voltage: 2.9V
  • Over Charge Current: 100A (1 second)
  • Over Discharge Current: 150A (1 second)
  • Short Circuit Delay: 320 uS
  • Charge Temperature: 3 to 50C
  • Discharge Temperature: -15 to 55C
  • Self Consumption (with Bluetooth): 15mA
  • Main Circuit Resistance: <20 mOhm
  • Over Discharge Current: 50uA
  • Working Temperature Range: -20 to 70C
SKU D-BMS-4S-100
MPN # D-BMS-4S-100

3 Year Warranty when wired and used appropriately

Water / excessive dust damage warranty claims will not be accepted

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