Relay Normally Open Coil 32-95VDC w/ Economiser, Contact Rating 500A 12-900VDC

Use for battery isolation/disconnect switch

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Relay type

  • Contacts are open when the coil is unpowered. In the "relay world" this is defined as Form A or SPST-NO (single-pole, single-throw, normally open). Hidden inside the relay are two pairs of contacts wired in series, mechanically linked and operated by a single actuator. This halves the voltage across each pair of contacts which reduces the amount of arcing the instant the contacts open.
  • Note: whenever possible do not open contacts under load to avoid DC arcing. If possible deactivate chargers and loads before opening the relay.  Conversely before closing the contacts, if there are large capacitors in inverters, etc, use a pre-charge resistor to control charge current to the capacitors thus eliminating the current spike that otherwise occurs the instant the contacts close.

Coil actuator specification (has built-in economiser to minimise holdiing current)

  • Voltage (Will Operate) 32-95VDC   (Valid Over Temperature Range)
  • Voltage (Max.) 95VDC
  • Pickup (Close) Voltage Max.   32VDC
  • Hold Voltage (Min.)    22VDC
  • Dropout (Open) Voltage (Min.)    18VDC
  • Inrush Current (Max.)    1.3A
  • Holding Current (Avg.) 0.03A@48V
  • Inrush Time (Max.)    130ms
  • Economiser limits back EMF to 0V

Main contacts specification

  • Rated Operating Voltage — 12 - 900 VDC 
  • Continuous (Carry) Current, Typical — 500 A @ 85°C, 400 mcm (202.7mm2) conductors 

Other performance data 

  • Contact Arrangement, Power Contacts — 1 Form A (SPST-NO) 
  • Make/Break Current at Various Voltages 1 — See graph in attached image
  • Break Current at 320VDC 1 — 2,000 A, 1 cycle 3 
  • Contact Resistance, Typ. (@200A) — 0.2 mohms 
  • Load Life — See graph in attached image
  • Mechanical Life — 1 million cycles 
  • Operate Time @ 25°C — Close (includes bounce), Typ. — 15 ms; Bounce (after close only), Max. — 7 ms;  Release (includes arcing), Max @ 2000A — 12 ms 
  • Dielectric Withstanding Voltage — 2,200 Vrms @ sea level (leakage <1mA) 
  • Insulation Resistance @ 500VDC — 100 megohms 2 
  • Shock, 11ms 1/2 Sine, Peak, Operating — 20 G 
  • Vibration, Sine, 80-2000Hz., Peak — 20 G 
  • Operating Ambient Temperature — -40°C to +85°C 
  • Weight, Nominal — .95 lb. (.43 kg) 
  • Notes: 1 Main power contacts;  2 50 at end of life; 3 Does not meet dielectric & IR after test, 1700 amp for unit with Aux.Contacts 


  • see attached image

Product Facts 

  • Designed to be the smallest, lightest weight,lowest cost sealed contactor in the industry with its current rating (500+A carry, 2000A interrupt at 320VDC)
  • Built-in coil economizer — only 1.7W hold power @ 12VDC and it limits back EMF to 0V
  • Hermetically sealed — intrinsically safe, operates in explosive/ harsh environments with no oxidation or contamination of coil or contacts, during long periods of non-operation
  • UL Recognized for the U.S. and Canada (File E208033) All contact ratings & coil versions may not be UL Recognized
  • CE marked for EC applications
  • AIAG QS9000 designed, built and approved




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