Votronic MPPT 15A Duo (Dual) 250 Marine Version Solar Charge Controller w/ Remote Display

18A MPPT plus remote LCD display

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Humidity Proof (Marine) Version is suitable for use in caravans plus boat/marine applications - both the controller and display must be installed inside.


MPP Solar Controller for high-quality campers, caravans and boats. VOTRONIC Solar Controllers of series "MPP" (Maximum-Power-Point) with characteristic line of charging „IU1oU2“ are the link between solar panel(s) and battery (batteries). Controllers according to the MPP technology are continuously and automatically calculating the maximum power yield (MPP) of the solar modules several times per minute. The voltage surplus of the solar module will be transformed to a higher charging current for the battery (realised by high-frequency switching controller technology with high efficiency). This surplus of charging current ensures short charging times and the best possible power yield of the solar system. Working fully automatically and maintenance-free, the solar controllers MPP offer the following functions:

  • Increased MPP charging current compared with conventional controllers, due to ultramodern controller technology (microprocessor) by 10 % to 30 % (efficiency > 95 %). This enhanced capacity shows particularly in cooler times of the year, such as in case of foggy weather conditions or gloomy diffuse light (winter break).
  • Switchable characteristic lines of charging or optimum charging of lead- gel-/dryfit, AGM/fleece or acid/lead-acid batteries, as well as LiFePO4 battery systems with integrated protection and battery management system.
  • The charging voltage being free from peaks is controlled in such a way, that any overcharging of the batteries is excluded.
  • Two Battery Charging Ports: Automatic charging of the main supply board battery (BOARD I), as well as support charging and trickle charging (max. 1 A) of the vehicle's starter battery (Start II) with overcharge protection.
  • Unattended Charging: Standard protection against overload, overheating, reverse battery and back discharge of the battery (in case of insufficient solar power, such as at twilight, at night etc.).
  • Parallel and Floating Operation: Observation of the characteristic lines of charging, even with simultaneous operation of consumers.
  • Overcharge protection: Reduction of the charging current of the battery in case of excessive solar power and full battery. Immediate recharging in case of power consumption to ensure always the best possible charging state of the battery.
  • Characteristic Line of Charging "IU1oU2": A defined charging boost (U1) avoids harmful acid accumulation (lead) and provides equalization charge to the individual battery cells (lead and lithium). After that, automatic trickle charging (U2).
  • Charging Cable Compensation: Automatic compensation of voltage losses on the charging cables.
  • On-board Mains Suppression Filter: Unproblematic parallel operation with wind-driven and motor-driven generators, mains supply chargers, dynamos etc.
  • Measurement Output for EBL, electroblock possibly existing in the living area of the vehicle: Allows convenient application of the (solar) current display being installed in the electroblock for supervision of the solar system.
    Please check in advance the compatibility of your Schaudt Electrobloc (EBL) and the corresponding control panel, because we are not able to give any warrenty for this.
  • Terminal „AES“ (only MPP 250, MPP 350 and MPP 430): Automatic commutation of refrigerators with “AES” (Automatic Energy Selector, Electrolux/Dometic) from gas operation to 12 V operation in case of excess solar power.
  • Connection for Battery Temperature Sensor (Order No. 2001): Lead batteries: In case of low outside temperatures, full charging of the weak battery is improved by automatic adaptation of the charging voltage to the battery temperature, and in case of summery temperatures unnecessary battery gassing and battery load will be avoided.
    LiFePO4 Batteries: Battery protection in case of high temperatures and particularly in case of low temperatures. Highly recommended, if the battery temperature might drop below 0 °C during operation.
  • Ready for connection of the Votronic Solar Display LCD-Solar Computer S for optimum control of the system.
  • Indicators for operating state "AES", "Full", "> 80%", "MPP" and "Low Voltage"
  • Control output EBL, prepared for “Elektroblock” with solar current display, cable set, Art. 2007, required
  • Terminal "AES" with LED display:
    Automatic commutation of Dometic/ELECTROLUX refrigerators from gas operation to 12 V-operation in case of sufficient solar power by means of “AES” (Automatic Energy Selector)



How much energy does my solar system really supply? Are the solar modules shaded or dirty or is something wrong?

The VOTRONIC solar power measurement unit gives the answer to these questions.

When being plugged into the VOTRONIC solar charging controllers of series SR and MPP, the desired information is given comprehensively and immediately. The solar display can be connected to the controller at any time, also subsequently, since the VOTRONIC solar charging controller is ready for connection to produce the required signals. Thus, the connection is extremely simple.

The clear arrangement of the measuring values on the display and the easy operation with pushing the button allow improved control and use of the solar system. The instantaneous solar power is also displayed as bar graph allowing the control at a glance.

The display is equipped with a background illumination (switchable). So, the legibility of the values is very well, even at a great distance and with all lighting conditions. Matching to the VOTRONIC modular system, the digital display is executed as panel version. Appearance and mechanic (identical height 85 mm) are adapted to the other display modules.

The small dimensions of the front panel and the particularly small mounting depth of only 18 mm allow an installation at almost any location. If flush mounting of the LCD display is not desired, a corresponding casing is available as accessory.

The unit is ready for connection to the solar controllers. A connection cable of 5m length is included with the unit.

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Nominal Voltage (DC) in [V]

  12 and 24
 Current Consumption max. in [mA] 3 - 30 (depending on illumination)
 Display LC Display with specific segments
 Display-Functions W, A, V, Ah, Wh
 Measuring Range [Wp] 20 - 990
 Dimensions (WxDxH) in [mm] 80 x 85 x 25
 Assembly Dimensions (WxDxT) in [mm] 66 x 72 x 22
 Weight in [g] 55
 Mark of conformity CE, E-Test (EMV/Automotive Regulations)
 Ambient Conditions, Humidity of Air:  max. 95 % RH, No Condensation
 Delivery Scope: Connection Cable 5m, Fastening Screws, Operating Manual, Drilling Jig


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Barcode # 4250683612687

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