Simarine Pico Display Stand Alone (Surface Mount) Silver

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Simarine Pico Display Stand Alone (Surface Mount) Silver Advanced Battery Monitor: Precision Energy Management for Marine, RVs, and Caravans

Explore the zenith of battery monitoring technology with the SIMARINE advanced battery monitor, expertly crafted for the most exacting users. Boasting unrivaled accuracy and expansive monitoring capabilities, it’s perfectly suited for managing up to 6 battery banks, with additional support for 6 battery voltages. This adaptable device also monitors up to 14 tank levels and 20 consumer or power generation readings, making it your comprehensive solution for meticulous energy management in marine environments, RVs, and caravans.

Key Features Tailored for Adventure:

  • Universal Compatibility: Effortlessly integrates with all SIMARINE shunts and modules, providing a flexible and comprehensive energy management system for your marine craft, RV, or caravan.
  • Wide-Ranging Monitoring: Equipped to handle up to 6 battery banks, 14 tank levels, and 20 consumer or power generation readings, offering extensive coverage for all your energy tracking needs on the go.
  • Unmatched Precision: Delivers precise measurements for current (±0.01 A), voltage (±0.01 V), amp hours (±0.1 Ah), State of Charge (SOC) from 0 to 100% (±0.01%), and temperature (±0.1 °C/°F), ensuring reliable data wherever your travels take you.

Designed for the Demands of the Open Road and Sea:

The SIMARINE advanced battery monitor emerges as the premier choice for adventurers seeking exactitude, dependability, and broad monitoring capabilities. Its compatibility with an extensive array of sensors and modules, along with its precise data output, renders it an essential instrument for serious energy management challenges. Whether charting a course through open waters, exploring the wilderness in your RV, or enjoying the tranquility of caravan living, SIMARINE equips you with the necessary data to make informed energy decisions, ensuring a seamless and worry-free experience.

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  • Power source voltage range 6 - 35 V
  • Temperature range -20 – +70 °C
  • Power consumption at 12 V
  • Operating, WiFi On, 100% illumination 90 mA
  • Operating, WiFi Off, 70% illumination 35 mA
  • Operating, WiFi Off, 0% illumination 18 mA
  • Power Off, logger still active 5 mA


  • Current (A) ±0,01 A
  • Voltage (V) ±0,01 A
  • Amp hours (Ah) ±0,1 A
  • SOC - Stat of Charge ( 0 - 100%) ±0,01 A
  • Temperature ±0,1 °C / °F
  • Voltage inputs
  • Range 0 – 75 V


  • Radio Frequency Band 2,4 GHz

Dimensions (without connector)

  • Standalone 89 x 84 x 10 mm
  • Panel 108,5 x 94 x 10 mm

Connectivity Up to

  • Batteries 6
  • Shunts 24
  • Temperature sensors 10
  • Tank level sensors 14
  • Inclinometer sensors 2
  • Smartphone application 1

Logger Capacity

  • up to 3 month

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