Portable Solar Panels

We are excited to offer this premium product into Australia after investing significant time to its development and assessing several design prototypes.  Its features truly make it the best portable solar panel on the market.  

150W lightweight portable solar panel with ETFE top layaer

ETFE top layer and robust textured surface

The ETFE top layer is a high-strength fluorine polymer that is corrosion and stain resistant, non-stick self cleaning, and retains its clarity (and therefore light transmittance) ensuring long service life for solar panels.  It will not discolour or degrade from exposure to environmental pollution, UV light, harsh chemicals or extreme temperature variations.  

The surface is textured for extra robustness.

Genuine A grade SunPower® solar cells

Our 150W premium lightweight and compact canvas backed monocrystalline portable solar panel is amazingly light and extremely efficient because it has genuine A grade SunPower® solar cells.  Our manufacturer has a certificate of authenticity from Sunpower.

150W lightweight portable solar panel with fold-out legs

These monocrystalline fold-up solar panels require the least amount of surface area to generate the same amount of power when compared with polycrystalline and amorphous thin film panels. For example Amorphous thin film portable solar panels are usually around 8% efficiency and usually cost more.

Monocrystalline SunPower® solar cells also have a longer lifespan than thin film solar cells so these portable fold-up solar panels will generate its rated output power longer than thin film portable solar panels.

Three fold-out legs enable positioning to obtain maximum angle to the sun.

Available as a kit with a Victron MPPT solar charge controller and connecting leads or panel only.