Sunman eArc Lightweight / Flexible Solar Panels

As featured in ABC News - Sunman is 14% owned by the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.  

The Clean Energy Finance Corporation is a is a 100% Australian Government-owned Green Bank which invests in creating a more sustainable Australia.

Features of Sunman eArc Solar Panels

eArc by Sunman solar panels are the only lightweight solar panels approved for grid connect on buildings which means they have passed the same testing criteria as traditional solar panels.

Durable. Built to last.

It's durable, reliable and long term. Unlike cheaper entry level competitors, eARC has actually passed all the same durability tests as glass panels, and further tests beyond that. It performs the same as glass panels, without the glass. It's passed hail, fire, ammonia corrosion, salt mist, damp heat, UV exposure and more tests. eARC can withstand prolonged exposure to Australia's open air environment.

Tougher, lighter, thinner and more durable

    eArc lightweight solar panels are much thinner and lighter to conventional solar panels       eArc thin lightweight solar panels have a tough top layer    Sunman eArc 430W Solar Panel showing curvature

  • Cutting edge technology - glass fibre-reinforced composite polymers similar to aircraft windows
  • Light - 175W frameless is 3kg
  • Thin - 2mm
  • Tough - Hail tested with ice stones of 35mm diameter and 200g mass at 39.5m per sec​
  • Strong - rated 2400 pascals for wind and 2400 pascals for load
  • Durable - ​10 year product warranty for building and 5 years for mobile application
  • Output - Efficient monocrystalline cells, 25 year performance guarantee
  • Proven tough by a decade of installations in Australian under all Australian conditions

​Development of the new waterproof composite polymers and panel structure was accelerated by funding of $3.3M from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) to achieve the same durability as conventional solar panels.

eArc panels have been installed on the world’s first solar powered train in Byron Bay and 812 (235kW) panels have been installed onto the Sydney Maritime Museum’s Heritage Building which could not support heavy glass framed solar panels.  To date more than 6MW of eArc capacity has been installed in Australia.

eArc has obtained a series of other certifications for reliability, including: 

eArc accreditation and standards

Accreditations by Sunman eArc:

eArc is the first module of its kind to pass the same durability and safety tests as glass modules, including IEC 61215:2016, IEC61730:2016 and UL1703 (USA). eArc has also passed additional module quality assessments, including 3000 hours of damp heat, UV exposure (25 years equivalent), PID, salt mist and ammonia corrosion tests. eArc is CEC (Clean Energy Council) approved in Australia.

But I Do Not Trust Lightweight or Flexible Solar Panels:

We get it. eARC is a new innovative solar product so its hard to know if its trustworthy. However, it has passed all the same durability tests as glass panels and further tests beyond that still. It’s CEC approved and certified, and backed by the Australian government through the Clean Energy Finance Corporation.
We are starting to see new similar innovations enter the market. eARC has just established a gigawatt size factory to cater to enormous global demand. It has a 25 year performance warranty and was innovated by Dr Shi, an adjunct professor at the UNSW with over 100 papers published, over 60 patents in photovoltaics. eARC is involved in vehicle integrated photovoltaics and building integrated material photovoltaics.

What About the Heat from the Solar Panel Directly Touching the Roof:

The reason eARC can be quickbonded without any mounting support allowing for airflow underneath is because eARC doesn’t have any glass. Conventional glass panels need 200mm clearance because they have glass, and glass is an insulator. In fact, with eARC, heat goes out from the front of the panel. eARC is cooler than conventional glass panels.

A robust, lightweight, flexible solar panel that is perfect for caravans, motorhomes, boats, golf carts, trains, buses and other applications. 

eArc lightweight thin solar panels with 5yr warranty on motorhome     eArc lightweight flexible solar panels with 10yr warranty on train    eArc lightweight thin solar panels with 10yr warranty on bus     eArc lightweight flexible solar panels on world's first solar train    eArc thin lightweight solar panels on curved carport roof  
eArc lightweight solar panels features

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72.5kW of Sunman eArc Solar Panels installed on Noosaville Library

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The Sunman eArc panels are used on major projects where reliability is critical and where the weight of rigid panels is not feasible such as the Byron Bay train.


235kW on Australia National Maritime Museum


Installation Example on buildings: