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How to choose the best flexible solar panels

These premium thin, semi-flexible, lightweight, Monocrystalline Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels are made in Italy and are renowned for their quality and reliability.   As the Australian and New Zealand importer we are able to offer this excellent range of robust and reliable solar panels for the marine environment, land based mobile applications as well as industrial applications. 

For more information go to the Solbian Solar Panel page

Solbian Flexible Solar Panels

SolbianFlex superior lightweight flexible solar panels

Solar 4 RVs Flexible Solar Panels

These economically priced, thin, semi-flexible, lightweight, Monocrystalline Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels made in China containing SunPower E20® series cells that are able to convert the highest amount of solar energy into electricity of any type of flat solar panel, making them the most efficient and most dependable way to produce electricity from the sun.  These panels carry our brand name so we diligently monitor the quality and inspect and test each panel prior to customer delivery.  

For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For product information go to the Victron Inverter/charger page

OzCharge AGM Deep Cycle batteries  

OzCharge batteries

To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 to order.

For more information go to our Specials pageor the AGM batteries page

Century AGM Deep Cycle batteries  

Century batteries have low internal resistance and low self-discharging rates, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life. When fully charged, they can be stored for extended periods of time.  They are ideal for use in applications were fast recharge, improved vibration resistance and superior deep cycle performance is required.

For more information go to the Century Batteries page

Victron MultiPlus and Quattro range of Inverter/Chargers

A large range of Victron Inverter/Chargers are availabe at less than RRP.

To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 to discuss your needs


This range offers three main functions in one unit.  True Sine wave inverter plus battery charger and a high speed AC transfer in a single compact enclosure.

​We list Victron Energy and Enerdrive products but can source other products at competitive prices.

Battery Switch Unit

The computer/monitor isolates the battery at a predefined level of charge using the switch unit.

The 40A or 100A has a user programmable output from the shunt terminal for automatic connection or disconnection of loads depending on the remaining battery capacity. The control output can be manually activated or de-activated.

Brand:  Votronic (made in Germany)

Warranty:  2 years

Download the Votronic Catalogue page describing both models

Battery Protector (based on voltage level)

A Votronic battery protector unit safegaurds your battery (based on voltage level) against inadvertent total discharge which would cause permanent damage to your battery. This is suitable for lead acid batteries (not Lithium batteries).


  • Protect battery from dangerous total discharge
  • Protect consumers from over-voltage in case of failures
  • Disconnection can be cancelled manually by the "EMERGENCY-ON" function
  • Can be used as battery main switch via a simple ON / OFF switch (remote control) 
  • Compensation of voltage loss in the feed line by separate sensor cable
  • Extremely low own consumption on operation and no own consumption in case of disconnection
  • Battery Protector 40A, short-time overload 60A is admissible
  • Battery Protector 100A: short-time overload 150A is admissible
  • Switchable between 12V system or 24V system
  • Adjustable Switching Level
  • Audible indication in preliminary alarm and disconnection (de-activatable)
  • Recognition and disconnection of hidden current consumers (automatism mode)

​Brand:  Votronic(made in Germany)

Models: Battery Protector 40 and Battery Protector 100 

Warranty:  2 years

LCD Dual Battery Computer with shunt

For more detailed information including specifications and Votronic manual downloads see our Battery Monitoring and Protection Page
For more information download the Fix15 Technical Data Sheet

FixTech Fix15 Adhesive Sealant

This high quality multi-purpose adhesive sealant is recommended for attaching the flexible solar panels because of the following qualities:

  • Suitable for marine exposure; Excellent bonding characteristics (even below waterline);
  • UV resistant - white non-yellowing in stock (or black colourfast by special order);
  • no chemical bubble formation; free of Isocyanates, solvents, silicone and acid;
Adhesive Sealant for flexible solar panels

For more information go to the LiFePO4 Batteries page

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries  

100Ah, 200Ah & 300Ah

Also called LFP batteries (Lithium FerroPhosphate) these Lithium batteries use LiFePO4 as the cathode material. Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries have the best combination of performance, safety, through-life cost, reliability and environmental characteristics suitable for high power output applications.

Lead acid batteries are a proven technology, and the cheaper option at initial purchase, but in applications where weight and shelf life is important lithium based batteries are the best option.


  • Half the weight of an equivalent capacity lead acid battery;
  • Useable capacity is at least double that of a lead-acid battery without causing premature ageing of the battery due to deep discharge of the battery;
  • No memory effect unlike some other battery technologies;
  • The deep discharge cycle life of a LiFePO4 battery is >2000 to 80% DOD, compared to around 300 for lead acid;
  • Superior thermal and chemical stability over other lithium-ion batteries which means better safety characteristics;

Waterproof Solar Controller/Regulator 

These waterproof and dustproof solar controllers are fully encapsulated.

Two models available: 120W (10amp) and 240W (20Amp).  

​Please note: these do not come with cable connections described in the portable panel packs.

​Made in China

LCD Solar Computer remote display 

Battery Temperature Sensor

For clearance of our existing 50W and 120W portables go to our Portable Fold-up Solar Panel page

Portable, lightweight, fold-up Solar Panels - 150W with latest ETFE technology

These premuim portable fold-up Monocrystalline Photovoltaic (PV) solar panels with SunPower® cells are the highest efficiency solar cells commercially available.  The top layer  is ETFE plus a textured surface for robustness.   The panel backing has FR4

  • Superior, premium quality product with ETFE top l ayer and textured surface
  • easy to store - not bulky: no frames or glass
  • easy to carry - Lightweight
  • easy to use - 3 panels fold out with fold out support legs
  • Value for money - pack includes panel, 7 metre solar extension cable and premium Dutch brand Victron MPPT solar charge controller/regulator


Read about the importance of having the Solar charge Controller/Regulator located close to the battery not attached to the panels as is the case with some portable panels.  Go to the Portable Solar Panel with ETFE page and scroll down 

For more information go to the ETI solar system protection page 

For product information go to the Enerdrive Inverter page

MPPT Duo 165, 250, 350 

Optional Battery Temperature Sensor

The Votronic Battery Temperature Sensor can be used for automatic adaptation and correction of the charging voltage to the battery temperature (Temperature Compensation).  The sensor has a 2m length cable included.  It is sealed for protection against environmental pollution.

Pure Sinewave Inverters

Inverters convert 12 / 24 / 36/ 48 volt DC power to 240 volt AC power giving you the power to run appliances.  Pure, or true, sinewave inverters generate less heat and distortion than other waveforms and are more efficient.

We have a range products to suit varied power needs.

go to our Flexible Solar Panel with ETFE page
Flexible solar panel information
For product range, specifications and Votronic product manual downloads see the Votronic Solar Charge Controller page

MPPT Duo 420, 480

PV Solar System Protection

ETI provides high qualty solutions for the complete overcurrent and overvoltage protection of applications in photovoltaic and other renewable energy sources.  For example, protection of:

  • DC circuits (overvoltage protection and reverse current protection);
  • Circuits inside DC / AC inverters (semiconductor protection);

With manufacturing facilities in Germany, Slovenia and Poland the products are internationally certified and carry several quality marks.

Suppliers and Compliance

We liaise closely with our suppliers from Australia, Europe and China and regularly review Australian standards to ensure compliance.

If you want to determine what size and combination of products are best suited to you go to the Assess Your Needs page.

The Our Kits page has information about the various combinations of products available. 

Other components 

We stock a variety of cables and other products such as:

  • joiners, lugs, bushings, heatshrink;
  • Roof cable gland box for solar cable entry into RV;
  • Fuse holders and fuses, circuit breakers;
  • 12V/24V fuse box;
  • Conduit;
  • blocking diodes;
  • DC-DC charger for charging the Lithium Battery from the vehicle or other DC source.
Our FAQ page has more detailed information about solar power and its components. 
For prices and purchases go to our Prices and Purchase page.

Votronic 12V MPP Duo Digital range

The German made Votronic MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) Solar Controller range converts higher voltage DC output from the solar panels down to the lower voltage needed to charge the batteries.  It also has a second charge output which can provide a trickle charge to the vehicle battery.  We recommend including the Votronic remote controlled LCD Solar Computer that displays the charge current, battery voltage, total Amp-hours or Watt-hours.  

Available - 165W, 250W, 350W, 420W
Also available - 480W(24V) by special order.

​​Optional LCD Solar Computer (remote display)

The LCD Solar Computer is a remote display that has been specifically designed for operation in connection with all Votronic Solar controllers and comes with a 5 mtr lead. The solar charging current, the battery voltage, the power and the Amp-hrs and the Watt-hrs are displayed.


Industry Memberships

   We are members of:

Research and Testing

Our Electrical/Electronics Engineer and electrician independently test a selection of products to ensure they are effective, efficient and reliable.  


Flexible Solar Panels​

For further information about our premium 150W portable panel with ETFE go to our Premium Portable Solar Panel with ETFE page
The best flexible solar panel available in Australia
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
Flexible solar panel clearance sale 25-30% off
Flexible solar panel clearance sale 25-30% off
For more information, sizes and specifications, go to our Flexible Solar Panel page Clearance now on
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
For prices go to the Prices and Purchase page
To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 for a competitive price.
To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 to order.

For more information go to the OzCharge Batteries page

To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 for a very competitive price.
For product information go to the Enerdrive Inverter/charger page

Enerdrive ePRO Inverter Charger range

Four models available plus optional universal remote control.

To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 for a very competitive price.
To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 for a very competitive price.

Enerdrive ePower True Sinewave Inverter range

12 / 24 / 48 Volt

Enerdrive ePOWER  true sine wave power inverters convert 12V battery power into true sine wave AC household power, allowing you to run loads up to 2000 watts.

Models: 400W, 1000W & 2000W

To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 for a very competitive price.
To purchase phone us on 0488 918 910 for a very competitive price.
For product range and data sheet downloads see the Victron Inverter page

Victron Phoenix Pure Sinewave Inverter range

12 / 24 / 48 Volt

Based in the Netherlands, Victron Energy have a range of Pure Sinewave Inverters with high peak power and high efficiency.

Models range from 150VA to 3000VA per module.

Also available:

Color Control GX which provides intuitive control and monitoring of products connected to it.

To read about the advantages and disadvantages of these panels go to our Rigid Solar Panel page

Rigid Solar Panels

If you are not concerned about the weight you are adding to your RV, or only need a small solar system then rigid framed panels may be suitable.  They are a cheaper option than flexible solar panels.

For product range and data sheet downloads see the Victron Solar Charge Controller page

Victron BlueSolar MPPT range

The Dutch brand Victron Solar Controller range has ultra-fast Maximum Power Point Tracking and advanced MPP detection in case of partial shading conditions.  For solar systems up to 4.85kW

Various models available for 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V battery systems. 

Also available:

The MPPT Control lets you see the status as well as setup all BlueSolar MPPT Charge Controllers that have a VE.Direct communications port or the Color Control GX provides intuitive control and monitoring of products connected to it.

LCD Dual Battery Voltmeter

​This Votronic digital measuring unit displays the voltage of house and starter battery as exact numerical values at choice.  It also displays a bar graph range from total discharge to maximum charging voltage.

Digital display measuring range:  7 - 35 V

12 V Bar Graph range:  10.5 - 15.0 V

24 V Bar Graph range:  21.0 to 30.0 V

Warranty:  2 years

Tbb AGM Deep Cycle batteries  - ON SPECIAL

We source batteries from various suppliers to ensure the best price and product to meet your needs.  As well as Century and OzCharge batteries listed below, we currently have a special on Tbb 220Ah AGM deep cycle batteries.  This is a one-off special shipment price at $349.80 until stocks are sold out.  SOLD OUT

LCD Dual Battery Computer 

The German made Votronic Dual Battery Computer will assist you to achieve maximum battery life by letting you know the remaining capacity so that you can better manage the charge and discharge of the battery. 

Based on level of charge (Ah) the dual battery computer/monitor safegaurds your lead acid or Lithium battery from inadvertent total discharge and informs comprehensively of the instantaneous charging state of the battery, the flowing battery current rates, as well as the voltage situation of the battery.  

The Shunt is used by the computer to measure the current.  

There are three options available:

  1. LCD100S - 12V/24V Battery monitor with 100A shunt and 5m plug n play cable
  2. LCD200S - 12V/24V Battery monitor with 200A shunt and 5m plug n play cable
  3. LCD400S - 12V/24V Battery monitor with 400A shunt and 5m plug n play cable

​​The LCD Dual Battery Computer is suitable for all battery types (acid, gel, AGM, lithium adjustable) with 12 V and 24 V battery voltage.

For product range and data sheet downloads see the Morningstar Solar Charge Controller page

Morningstar TriStar MPPT range

The USA brand Morningstart TriStar Solar Controller range with TrakStar Technology™ is an advanced MPPT battery charger for solar systems up to 3kW.  

Available - 30A, 45A and 60A for 12V, 24V and 48V battery systems.

Also available:

  • TriStar Digital Meter or Remote Digital Meter
  • Solar Controller Communications Hub to connect multiple units
  • Relay Driver
  • Remote Temperture Sensor

MPPT Solar Charge Controllers / Regulators

We have a range of Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) solar controllers/regulators for a variety of applications.

Benefits of MPPT controllers:
  • The MPPT controller extracts the maximum output power available from the PV panel at all times regardless of the shading, sun brightness and sun elevation which vary daily and seasonally;
  • It is particularly effective during conditions when there is a low level of light.  It will then compensate for the low light level and find the new point at which the solar panel delivers its maximum power output;
  • This is also the case with other influences that reduce the output such as high temperature, shading, ageing, and being obscured by dirt.
For more information go to our Waterproof controller/regulator page
For more information about our Kits go to Our Kits page
Technical data sheet for Fix15 sealant

Solar 4 RVs™ Solar 4 Boats™ products have been specifically chosen to suit caravans, boats and other mobile applications

​Products are sold separately or in a kit​​

See overview of product range below


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We stock the largest range of flexible solar panels in Australia