Enerdrive 12V 2000W/80A Inverter/Charger

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Explore Off-Grid Freedom with the Enerdrive 12V 2000W/80A Inverter/Charger

With our state of the art, easy to use design, this product will offer you True Sinewave AC power for your RV, Marine, 4WD and remote power needs, whilst also recharging your battery automatically when 240V AC is available.

The Sinewave Inverter-Charger can run multiple 240V AC-powered appliances when you need AC power off-grid. The multi-stage battery charger offers charging profiles for multiple different types of batteries. The built-in transfer switch will automatically switch between 240V mains supply when available and battery power when 240V mains is not available.

Also included in the unit is a RCD Safety Switch. This switch monitors the flow of electricity through the inverter and detects any problems that may pose a risk to personal safety and switches the output power off within 0.03 of a second.

The 12V 3000W/100A Inverter-Charger is suitable for appliances that use up to 3000W of power for operation, such as induction cooktops, microwaves, coffee machines and more. 

Empowering Off-Grid Adventures:

  • Versatile AC Power Supply: Provides clean, stable True Sinewave AC power, perfect for powering a wide range of appliances up to 2000W – including induction cooktops, microwaves, and coffee machines.
  • Automatic Battery Charging: When connected to 240V AC, it automatically recharges your battery, ensuring you're always powered up.
  • Advanced Battery Charger: Offers multi-stage charging profiles for Gel, Flooded, AGM, and Lithium batteries, adhering to manufacturer’s recommendations for optimal battery health.
  • Seamless Transfer Technology: The built-in transfer switch automatically toggles between 240V mains and battery power, ensuring consistent electricity supply.

Safety and Efficiency Redefined:

  • RCD Safety Switch: Monitors electrical flow and cuts power within 0.03 seconds if hazards are detected, safeguarding against electrical risks.
  • Seamless 16A AC Internal Transfer Switch: Guarantees smooth transition between power sources.
  • Remote Control Display Panel: Allows easy monitoring and control, enhancing user convenience.
  • Silent Operation & Compact Design: Enjoy quiet performance and easy installation, even in limited spaces.
  • Built-in Load Sense: Minimizes battery drain, ensuring efficient power usage.

Tailored for Diverse Power Needs:

With the Enerdrive Inverter/Charger, you're not just buying a product; you're investing in the freedom to enjoy modern comforts, backed by reliable power, on any adventure.

Learn more about the Enerdrive 12V 2000W/80A Inverter/Charger here.


Model EN220080-12
Charger Output Current (Maximum) 80A
AC Output Power 2000W
AC Output Current 8.7A
AC Output Voltage 230VAC
AC Output Waveform True Sinewave (<3% THD)
Nominal DC Input Voltage 12.5Vdc
DC Input Voltage operating range 10.5 – 16.5 VDC
Under Voltage Alarm 11.0 / 12.5 VDC
Under Voltage Shutdown 10.5 / 12.0 VDC
Over Voltage Shutdown 16.5 VDC
AC Transfer Switch  
Transfer Time <30ms
Transfer Relay Rating 16A
AC Input socket IEC-C20 16A Heavy Duty Connector
AC Output socket IEC-C19 16A Heavy Duty Connector
Safety and Environmental  
Conformance LVD: EN/IEC 62040-1, IEC 61558-2-16
Agency Markings CE
Operating Temperature 0°C to 40°C
Storage Temperature -20°C to 60°C
Relative Humidity 5 - 90% non-condensing
Operating Altitude Up to 3000m above sea level
Weights and Dimensions  
Weight 8kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) 440.7W x 307H x 108Dmm
Warranty 5 Years
SKU EN220080-12
MPN # EN220080-12

5 Year Warranty - Please read Enerdrive's full warranty statement on their website.

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