CALB 3.2V 163Ah - LiFePO4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate Prismatic Cell

521Wh Lithium cell - 8 year warranty, 4000 cycles @ 100%

CALB 3.2V 163Ah - LiFePO4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate Prismatic Cell

521Wh Lithium cell - 8 year warranty, 4000 cycles @ 100%
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Please enquire with our sales team for ETA on cells. Once arrived, allow 2-3 weeks build time.

CALB 2021 new cells, EV Grade / A Grade cells

Includes 1x nickel coated bus bar and 2x M6 16mm bolts per cell.  If ordering more than 4 cells, enough busbars to make a 12.8V pack will be included.

  • Continuous Discharge Current: 1C (163A)
  • Pulse Current: 3C (489A, 30 seconds maximum)
  • Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 1C (163A)
  • Recommended Charge Current 0.6C (100A)
  • 4,000 cycles in nominal conditions when cycled between 100% (3.65V) to 0% (2.5V) until 80% of original capacity


  • Qualified for RoHS and CCC with high safety
  • Anti-explosion safety valve
  • Aluminium shell for better cooling
  • Ceramic membrane used to enhance safety
  • High density - 163Wh/Kg
  • High charge/discharge rates
  • Expected to operate for more than 4,000 cycles in optimal working conditions


See Data Sheet for Full Specifications

Note: A BMS with cell balancing and overvoltage/undervoltage logging is required to prove suitable usage of the cells.  Please see the Smart Daly BMS (must be programmed correctly/purchased through Solar 4 RVs) or REC BMS units.

1. Purpose
The primary purpose of this Warranty is to clearly define the matters related to warranty policy of Products.

2. Warranty Condition
2-1. Warranty Period
The Performance Warranty for the Product is valid for 8 years from the invoice date.

2-2. Limitation of Warranty scope
Liability under this Warranty shall be limited to replacement, repair, refund and compensation. Replaced or
repaired Products shall be warranted for the remainder of the original Term of Performance Warranty. In any event, the
replacement shall not justify the renewal of the Term of Performance Warranty.

2-3. Exclusion of Warranty
Damage to the Products resulting from any of following activities is NOT covered by this Limited Warranty:
- Improper transportation, storage, installation or wiring by Buyer
- Modification, alteration, disassembly, repair or replace by someone other than authorised personnel
- Noncompliance with official installation manual
- External influences including unusual physical or electrical stress (power failure surges, inrush current, lightning,
flood, fire, accidental breakage, etc.)
- Use of an incompatible inverter, rectifier or PCS.

3. Performance Warranty (Standard)
The product retains at least 80% of Nominal Energy for the either 8 years after the
date of the invoice date when the battery system is operated under a normal use followed by the specification and the manual.
The term “Nominal Energy” herein means the initially rated capacity of the Products as printed on the label of the
Products. The precondition of the valid 8 year Performance Warranty shall be as follows:
(i) The ambient temperature during the operation of the Products shall not fall out of range of the cell specifications in the data sheet
(ii) The energy throughput is less than values in table below:
Capacity measurement condition:
- Ambient temperature: 25~30℃
- Initial battery temperature from BMS: 25~30℃
- Charging/discharging method
- Charge: (0.5)CC/CV (Constant voltage (3.65)V, Cut-off current (0.03)C)
- Discharge: (0.5)CC (Cut-off voltage (2.5)V)
- Current at (0.5)C: (80)A 
- Current and voltage measurement at battery DC side

4. Out of Warranty Policy
Product damage which is not caused by seller, a charged service can be provided, including all the expenses of such
as material cost, labor cost, warehouse cost, transportation cost, customs duties, analysis cost, management cost,
corporate profits, disposal expense(If necessary) and so on.

5. About Service Products/Parts
Service products/parts are able to be used as new or refurbished condition which performance is equal to or higher
than defective Products.
In the event the Products are not available in the market anymore, the parts may be replaced with a different kind
of product with equivalent functions and performances or refund the remaining annually depreciated value of the
purchase price of the Products during the Term of Performance Warranty as the Compensation Scheme below. The
purchase price mentioned hereinabove means the list price actually paid by the Buyer for the purchase.

- Compensation Scheme in the unlikely case replacement cells are no longer available -
CLASS I : 100% of the purchase price from the initial installation date to 24th month
CLASS II : 75% of the purchase price from 25th to 36th month
CLASS III : 60% of the purchase price from 37th to 48th month
CLASS IV : 45% of the purchase price from 49th to 60th month
CLASS V : 30% of the purchase price from 61st to 72nd month
CLASS VI : 15% of the purchase price from 73rd to 84th month
CLASS VII : 5% of the purchase price from 85th to 96th month
No warranty of performance will be provided from the 96th month

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