CALB 3.2V 163Ah - LiFePO4 / LFP / Lithium Iron Phosphate Prismatic Cell

521Wh Lithium cell - 8 year warranty, 4000 cycles @ 100%
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CALB 2021 new cells, EV Grade / A Grade cells

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  • Continuous Discharge Current: 1C (163A)
  • Pulse Current: 3C (489A, 30 seconds maximum)
  • Maximum Continuous Charge Current: 1C (163A)
  • Recommended Charge Current 0.6C (100A)
  • 4,000 cycles in nominal conditions when cycled between 100% (3.65V) to 0% (2.5V) until 80% of original capacity


  • Qualified for RoHS and CCC with high safety
  • Anti-explosion safety valve
  • Aluminium shell for better cooling
  • Ceramic membrane used to enhance safety
  • High density - 163Wh/Kg
  • High charge/discharge rates
  • Expected to operate for more than 4,000 cycles in optimal working conditions


8-YEARS after-sales guarantee. 

Note: A BMS with cell balancing and overvoltage/undervoltage logging is required to prove suitable usage of the cells.  Please see the Daly BMS or REC BMS units.

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