Introducing the New Victron 50A BuckBoost DC-DC Charger

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Exploring the Smart BuckBoost (Buck Boost) 50A: A New Era of Power Management

Welcome to our deep dive into the latest innovation in power management - the Smart BuckBoost 50A. This compact, high-efficiency unit is designed to elevate your energy systems to the next level. Let’s explore its cutting-edge features and how it stands out in the crowded market of power converters.

What is a Buck Boost Charger?

In the electrical industry Buck means to reduce, and boost means to increase.  So in this case the unit can reduce and increase voltage.  An example is when your alternator is running at 13.0V and you need to bulk charge your battery to say 14.2V, the BuckBoost will increase (Boost) the voltage to accomodate for this.  Vice versa when the alternator is running at 14.0V and your house battery requires a float charge of 13.5V, the BuckBoost will Buck the voltage to reach 13.5V.

Seamless Integration with VE.Direct for GX Devices (NOT YET AVAILABLE AND NO ETA FOR THIS COMPATIBILITY)Victron Smart BuckBoost DC-DC Non-Isolated Charger showing VE.Direct and Remote Terminals

The Smart BuckBoost 50A heralds a significant advancement with its VE.Direct compatibility. This feature is expected to allow effortless connection with GX devices like the Cerbo GX or Ekrano GX, enabling real-time monitoring and control through a user-friendly interface once available.

Victron Buck Boost ConverterA Leap Beyond Traditional Buck-Boost Converter Units

Victron's existing line of Buck-Boost converters has set the industry standard, but the Smart BuckBoost 50A raises the bar. This unit is not just a converter but also a DC-DC Charger and can be set to power supply mode. Utilising the Victron Connect App, programming the Smart BuckBoost becomes significantly more manageable.

Surpassing the Orion Smart DC-DC Charger UnitsVictron Orion Smart Non-Isolated DC-DC Charger

While both units are compatible with Smart alternators, the new BuckBoost differs with its VE.Direct Port, customizable output current, higher rating, and smaller size.

The Innovation Behind the Size: Advanced Circuit Board Technology

One of the most notable features of the Smart BuckBoost 50A is its compact size, which matches that of the SmartSolar 75/15. This is achieved through a newly designed circuit board that ensures superior heat dissipation, enhancing durability and efficiency.

VictronConnect mobile app interface for Victron Smart BuckBoost ChargerCustomizable Power at Your Fingertips

The Smart BuckBoost 50A offers flexible power management with its adjustable output current and voltage, allowing you to tailor the power specifications to your needs.


Expand Your Power Potential: Unlimited Parallel Connectivity3x Victron Smart BuckBoost units in parallel

For extensive power demands, the Smart BuckBoost 50A can be connected in parallel indefinitely, allowing you to scale your power output without needing larger units. Meaning you can easily create 100A, 150A, 200A or higher DC-DC Charging systems.

Wiring diagram of the Victron Smart BuckBoost DC-DC ChargerWiring

Each fuse should be between 60 - 70A, we recommened 70A on the starter battery and 60A on the house battery.  For longer cable runs, 4 B&S may be necessary between the starter battery and DC-DC and 4 or 6 B&S between the DC-DC and house battery.  But usually 6 B&S will be sufficient. The terminals accept a maximum cable size of 4 B&S

A Game-Changer in the Victron Energy RV Eco System

The Smart BuckBoost 50A is not just an improvement on existing technology; it's a reimagining of power management. With its advanced features and user-centric design, it's poised to become a preferred choice for professionals and enthusiasts alike especially in systems with GX devices.

Join us in embracing the future of energy management with the Smart BuckBoost 50A – where innovation meets practicality.