Latest technology thin lightweight solar panel accredited with the Clean Energy Council providing  10 year product warranty and 25 year output warranty.

160W lightweight slim portable foldable solar panel with 10A PWM regulator

Includes 5m extension cable with Anderson connectors


105W EPDM rubber edge eArche 1070 x 666 x 8mm (Vmp 12.7V, Imp 8.27A)

ONLY 1 LEFT: 2.5kg, flexible, 5 year warranty


50W EPDM rubber edge eArche 1090 x 370 x 6 Vmp 6.2V, 8.07A

1.4 kg Flexible panel 5 year warranty


50W thin frame eArche 1090 x 370 x 6mm (Vmp 6.2V, Imp 8.07A)

1.5 kg, black alloy frame, 2x6 cells, 5 yr warranty