​The advanced 12V BMS by REC has active balancing which transfers charge between cells.  The significant benefit of active balancing is to eliminate the shunt resistors which discharge excess charge as heat and increases the overall efficiency of the charging process. 

Key features of the Active BMS:

  • high efficiency 2 Amp bi-directional active balancing (pack to cell and cell to pack)
  • cell voltage monitoring with high and low voltage protection
  • robust design for vehicular use
  • IP65 protection enclosure
  • Automotive grade water resistant connector
  • 2 – 5 V measuring range, 2 mV accuracy
  • up to 8 digital temperature sensors
  • shunt current measurement
  • galvanically isolated RS-485 and CAN communication protocol
  • two programmable fused relay output (charge and discharge protection relays)
  • two programmable fused digital output (switching based on operator selected charge state)
  • factory assembled wiring harness
  • optional touch screen display showing detailed battery parameters, state of health and state of charge.
  • ​​interface modules for control of Victron, Enerdrive, Redarc, etc charging devices (under development)

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