Launch of eArche panels on Sydney Maritime Museum

Date Posted:24 July 2019 

The Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney has invited Solar 4 RVs to the sustainabiilty launch of its 235kw eArche solar installation in August.


eArche solar panels are so light that they are perfect for roofing structures that can not hold the weight of traditional rigid glass topped solar panels.


There are strict guidelines for installing solar panels on residential and commercial buildings.  eArche has obtained a series of international certifications for reliability and is the only lightweight solar panel accredited by Australia's Clean Energy Council.  The Clean Energy Council (CEC) maintains the database and website listing of AS/NZS 5033-compliant photovoltaic (PV) modules for grid-connected commercial and residential applications. (Note: CEC approval is not required for solar panels on RVs and boats and other mobile applications as they are not connected to the grid.)

Why eArche solar panels are the perfect lighteight solar solution:

  • Tougher - encapsuation similar to aircraft windows
  • tough, super lightweight and super thin eArche solar panels75% Lighter - 160W 2.9kg
  • 85% Thinner - 2mm
  • 25 year performance guarantee
  • 5 year product warranty for mobile applications
  • 10 year product warranty for buildings
  • Clean Energy Council (CEC) Accreditation


Click here for more more information on eArche solar panels and to view the sizes available


The museum is Australia’s national centre for maritime collections, exhibitions, research and archaeology.

235kw solar system installed using eArche lightweight solar panels